Saturday, November 29, 2008

From AGFLAP to CAP to Hootless: Goals

Recently I have made changes to how I work on goals with releasing that speed up the process of going higher. Here are my top tips based on my recent experience.

1. Use a written goal chart

In the past I have tended to work on my goals without writing them down. However using a written goal chart allows you to track your progress from agflap to cap. This is encouraging and keeps you focused.

Plus, it roughly halves the time it used to take me to work through agflap because my concentration is so much more focused.

There is a goal chart with usage guidelines in the "Files And Downloads" section in the left hand margin of this site.

2. Aim to go to hootless

Releasing to get to CAP is a good start but that is all it is. If you aim higher and keep releasing to get to the hootless state you´ll see a big shift in your outlook. You´ll get a taste of imperturbability - you´ll be living step 1 of the 6 steps.

When you get to CAP you´ll think more clearly and may even have lucky coincidences or insights that move you closer to your goal. Go that extra step to hootless and you´ll have what you really want - imperturbability. Plus, the goal may just pop in with very little effort.

Take on the effort of releasing in your mind and you´ll have less efforting in the outside world.

3. Do the work

Releasing takes dedication and commitment if you want to see big results.

I have been working on one particular goal over the last week and I´ve not got to hootless yet despite five sessions of 45-60 minutes. I am much, much freer in terms of the goal but I´m not done yet.

Why do I persist?

Because I feel so much more peaceful and because the completed goal charts prove I have moved up through a lot of agflap to get to where I am right now in Acceptance. I can see I am getting somewhere, I am not imagining it!

Why not put these tips to use in your own releasing? And then report back to let me know how you got on.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Releasing Is Not Analysis

Very often we can caught up in discussions about the problems people want help with.

These posts offering potential solutions while well meaning and possibly helpful are not what releasing is about.

Releasing is not about diagnosis, analysis and suggesting possible solutions.

Releasing is all about letting go of problems, letting go of wanting to figure out what to do and allowing in freedom.

If you have a problem you can let it go with releasing...

- let go of wanting to figure it out
- let go of wanting to know what to do
- let go of wanting to know the answer
- let go of wanting to think

Strange eh! Yes it is because releasing may be unlike anything else you have ever used to become happier and free.

You can also shift focus from the problem (what you do not want) to a goal (what you do want)

Finally, letting go of all resistance to a problem can work wonders.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sedona Method Course Review On Video

If you are curious about what is contained in the Sedona Method course click on the video below for a look at the cds and workbook as I walk through the contents.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Sedona Method Releasing: Love & Approval

Want more love and approval from people?

The most direct way to work on this is to give yourself love and approval all day long for no reason whatsoever.


Simply say " I love you!" to yourself for hours at a time. Whatever thoughts or feelings pop up simply continue by saying "I love you!".

Go one step further and do this in front of the mirror if you really want to go for it!

If you´ll do this for a while you´ll start to feel very loving and accepting of yourself, this will then expand to the people in your life and to the world generally.

You could also release on the goal:

I love and accept myself.

Run attachments and aversions, advantages and disadvantages or likes and dislikes until you only have loving feelings for yourself.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

3 Great Ways To Release Resistance

1. Bring up the feeling of resistance, really feel it and allow it to go. This involves no thought about the nature of the resistance. Keep going until you feel lighter and freer.

2. Ask: what is my resistance to the goal.

e.g. what is my resistance to being fit?

Then, let go of each aspect of the resistance that pops up.

3. My BUT... technique

State the goal and add BUT to bring up resistance.

e.g. I allow myself to be fit BUT....

This might bring up responses like --

BUT I´m too lazy
BUT I´m too busy
BUT I´ll start another time

This is a great way to bring up more resistance to having the goal. Then, release in the usual way.

In all work with resistance I keep going until I feel lighter and freer about the goal. I will refer to the AGFLAP chart to see that I am in CAP before expecting that most of the resistance is gone.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Let Go And Be A Loser

Lester talked about how important it is to become a winner in life - someone who is free to do what he wants to do and free to not do what he does not want to do. He said we need to become winners in life and to drop the AGFLAP to make this happen.

Do this and we take a big step closer to freedom.

Now, the opposite of winner is loser and that´s what I wanted to talk about in this post. If our aversions are more subtle and harder to spot than our attachments then our loser tendencies may very well be sabotaging our happiness.

In other words, we want to avoid being a loser, losing or failing in any area of our lives. But, fear and it will appear so we need to let go of this aversion to enjoy greater peace of mind.

How to drop your aversion to being a loser.....

I have been playing with allowing myself to be a loser. This proved to be an unpleasant and heavy releasing session which later gave way to a beautiful carefree lightness.

You could also release on resistance to being a loser.

I recommend playing with this as winning and success are such highly charged issues in our world. Bring up the unseen aversion to winning and let it go --- you´ll feel happier and freer.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Have All The Love And Approval You Want

You are the source of the approval you want - it is a decision to give yourself approval. And best of all, it is easy, very easy to have all the love and approval you want!

Larry Crane says to turn your attention to the stomach and chest area and simply give yourself approval - "give yourself approval, and more, and more, and even more".

Do this for no reason whatsoever i.e. you don´t need to achieve a major result before you give yourself approval.

Yesterday, I was sitting in a cafe by the sea having a drink and enjoying the sunny day... and I just started giving myself approval in this way for the next 5-10 minutes. I felt fantastic, I couldn´t help smiling and I just felt this glow of goodwill. Others pick up on this and treat you really well. Before long I noticed a cute girl staring at me with a smile on her face.

This is like a magic formula - want people to feel great and to be attracted to you? All you need to do is give yourself approval and you can do so as much as you like all day long.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Create More Money In 4 Simple Ways

When it comes to making more money there are a number of ways to go about it.

1. Set a specific financial goal.

e.g. I net $2,000 a week with ease

Then release on that until you move from AGFLAP to CAP. This will take some work, persist until you get to CAP and you´ll feel much better about finances and you will think more clearly about financial issues. You may even find some great ideas come to mind to earn more, spend less or you find your desires lessen.

Once you are in CAP about the goal all you need to do is check in from time to time say once a day or once every few days to see if you are still in CAP. If not release some more until you are back in CAP. You´ll soon get to a point where that takes just a few minutes if any time at all.

2. Set a general financial goal

e.g. I enjoy financial abundance with ease and joy.

Then release to go from AGFLAP to CAP as above. Again, check in from time to time to ensure you stay in CAP.

3. Release on freedom.

e.g. I allow myself to go free.

When we go directly for freedom we are working on all of our lesser goals. By releasing on the wanting approval, control and approval that comes up we are making fast progress on attaining imperturbable peace.

Simply do attachments and aversions, likes and dislikes or advantages and disadvantages to the goal statement and release on the underlying wanting a/c/s.

4. Follow the six steps

Decide to release constantly all day long and you´ll be happier and lighter more and more of the time. From this state it gets very easy to get what you want. Want more money? You´ll achieve it much more easily when your starting point is such a high state.

Monday, April 21, 2008

How To Know If Releasing Is Moving You Forward

Ever find yourself releasing and wondering if you´re making any progress? Are you wasting your time?

There is a simple way to track your releasing progress. Really? Yes, it´s just a matter of referring to the AGFLAP chart.

Let´s say you set a goal... I allow myself to go free.

Simply take out the AGFLAP chart and identify which emotional state you are in before you start releasing on the goal.

Next, release on the goal. Give it at least 40 minutes of focused attention. Then, refer back to the AGFLAP chart.

Notice anything interesting? In most cases you´ll have moved up to a higher emotional state. When you think about having the goal it will seem more attainable because it is now that you have dropped some of the limitations to having it.

If possible, keep releasing until you move from AGFLAP to CAP. If you really want to go for it, continue higher into the hootless state: that peaceful care free feeling: its ok if you get the goal and just as ok if you do not.

What can you do if you don´t reach CAP or hootless in your releasing session? Return to that goal and continue releasing another day until you do!

Without the AGFLAP chart you can lose a sense of direction but with it tracking your progress is easy.

Same Old Story Or Is It?

Often when we have a "problem" we think that it is different to the issues others have. However this is not the case when it comes to releasing.

If you want to get rid of X, this X could be a relationship issue, a money problem or a health matter. So what! You can still release on X in the same way.

- refer to the 6 steps
- use Advantages/Disadvantages, Attachments/Aversions, Likes/Dislikes
- let go of resistance to the problem
- go to the underlying wanting approval/control or security. Let that go.
- remember to make releasing constant

And so on.