Sunday, November 13, 2011

Be Happy Now With Sedona Method Releasing

Many of us get into the Sedona Method/Release Technique so we can become more effective at getting what we want and along the way we become happier, have more peace of mind and develop a greater sense of being connected to all of life.

However we can also get caught up in the busyness of getting what we want out there in the world and lose sight of the source of our happiness. In fact, we might even develop habits of thinking that guarantee unhappiness.

Here are some ways we typically make ourselves unhappy...

1. We make a decision we will only be happy when we achieve a goal

2. We decide that we will only be happy when we have the perfect relationship

3. We expect to be happy one day when there are no more problems to deal with.

4. We wait until we look and feel fabulous before we will be happy.

If you`ll look more closely at these erroneous decisions and choices you`ll see there is a fear behind them all. And that`s the fear that being happy will stop us from having what we want.

It goes like this, "if I`m happy why would I do anything about getting into shape? If I was completely happy I`d have no reason to go to work and be successful!"

In other words we think we`d live in a state of apathy. Not so. Happiness is right at the top of the scale of emotions, its above AGFLAP and belongs in CAP. When you feel happy and energetic you`ll want to be active, you`ll want to create and you`ll be very effective at whatever you set your mind to.

What can you do now to be happy today?

1. Release on happiness, let go of wanting happiness by using Attachments/Aversions, Advantages/Disadvantages or Likes/Dislikes.

2. See that all your goals have the same underlying goal - the desire for happiness

3. Release on your goals with an emphasis on having step one in place - decide you want happiness more than you want the goal.

4. Moment to moment during the day, when people or situations provoke AGFLAP, ask yourself: could you decide you want happiness more than you want to hold onto this feeling? Do that constantly and you`ll be lighter, freer and happier.

5. Decide to choose happiness over lacking approval, control and security. The following questions are useful to play with to encourage deep releasing.

- Could you decide that you want happiness more than you want to hold onto lacking approval?

- Could you decide that you want happiness more than you want to hold onto lacking control?

- Could you decide that you want happiness more than you want to hold onto lacking security?

Happiness is not a state of mind we can postpone and get one day, that itself is a decision to keep it in the future. If you want to be happier right now then use releasing firstly as a tool to become happy and secondly as a tool to get what you want in the world. Ironically, that`s when you`ll be much more care free and much more successful at getting what you want.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Getting of Happiness

Quick post. I got tricked again by the lure of achieving goals to get happiness.

Yes, it was another case of getting an "important" goal and then afterwards thinking "is this it?"

The brief goal attainment high quickly gave rise to dissatisfaction.

This is of course is a great reminder to keep step 1 in place - decide you want happiness more than you want the goal itself. I`ve been doing this more honestly, really making that decision, and ironically I`m on a roll and getting more and more of what I want - I`ve got the happiness first and the goal getting is happening.

Be happy first!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Avoiding What You Don`t Want

While its clear that wanting approval, wanting control and wanting security are running in the background its not always so clear the ways we deny this.

Take wanting approval. If you want to avoid the pain of not getting your want of approval satisfied you might decide to avoid disapproval. What would that look like? You could avoid situations and people that are likely to present you with the disapproval you fear.

You might also convince yourself that you don`t need or want the approval of anyone - you decide to live with a lack of approval and never seek to get approval to ensure you never get rejected.

The same applies to wanting control and wanting security. You might decide to adjust to living with little control over you destiny and in a state of ongoing insecurity while all the time telling yourself that happiness, success, money, control, security and self-determination are not important to you.

This avoidance achieves nothing. Those unsatisfied desires are still driving you and taking from your peace of mind. But you deny this and so you get stuck.

What can you do about this?

Be honest. What do you really want? If you want something, release and get it. Whether that be a kiss, new friends, greater harmony at home, more success at work or some toys you really want.

So many people avoid going after their dreams because they fear failure and for many they fear success even more! Be brave, face your fears and let it all go.

If you can handle success you can handle anything! With releasing you can drop the AGFLAP that pops up when you become more in control, more secure and more approving of yourself and the world. You`ll be okay!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Be The Freedom You Want To See In The World

If you`ve listened to the audios you may have heard Lester talking about going high to release. This means getting into a high emotional state before releasing agflap. That way you are in a much more resourceful state and you can let go of the heavy issues much more easily.

This is a key distinction Rich Furlanic, one of Larry Crane`s trainers, noted when developing the Lesterizing process. A core principle in Lesterizing is getting into the state of goal havingness before letting go of the agflap in the way of having the goal. At the same time you make sure to have step one in place - you decide you want freedom more than you want the goal.

I was releasing earlier this evening on a goal and the thought came to mind - what if you get into the state of freedom before you start releasing the agflap? I tested this and for me it gets me into a very high state, a state higher than the state of goal havingness. Its as if you are looking down on the goal from a place of power over it rather than striving to grow to get it.

How do you get into the freedom state?

You decide to! Simply pretend you can and imagine how it would feel right now in this present moment. How would you sit, how would you breath and what feelings would you focus on in your body? This is all about using some imagination to create that state in the present here and now. It feels just like making it up because you are!

Maintain the freedom state

Then release as you usually do. Maybe you like to use attachments and aversions. Release on a polarity, then check you are in the freedom state. If you are not, get back into freedom before releasing on the next polarity. And so on..

If you like you can test this for yourself and let me know what happens.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

About Step 4 of The Sedona Method

Step 4 of The 6 Steps is to make releasing constant. That is, instead of suppressing or expressing feelings choose to let them go instead, moment to moment, as the feelings arise. Pay attention to the feelings, go to wanting approval/control/security and let it go.

What happens when you make releasing constant?

You feel happier constantly and rest in Beingness more of the time than when you were suppressing or expressing feelings. Your sense of ego fades away and the world seems less real, less definite.

If you are learning and using the sedona method to get lasting peace, happiness and to achieve goals ultimately you may still want something even better i.e. freedom. Test it for yourself - make releasing constant, it becomes a moment to moment choice before it becomes a new habit.

You`ll feel happier, you`ll be more successful (even though that might no longer be a concern) and you`ll be living free of resistance and enjoying the ease that comes with that.

If you only release now and then that`s ok. Just bear in mind if you want to see the big promises offered by the sedona method show up in your life its step 4 that makes all the difference.