Monday, April 21, 2008

How To Know If Releasing Is Moving You Forward

Ever find yourself releasing and wondering if you´re making any progress? Are you wasting your time?

There is a simple way to track your releasing progress. Really? Yes, it´s just a matter of referring to the AGFLAP chart.

Let´s say you set a goal... I allow myself to go free.

Simply take out the AGFLAP chart and identify which emotional state you are in before you start releasing on the goal.

Next, release on the goal. Give it at least 40 minutes of focused attention. Then, refer back to the AGFLAP chart.

Notice anything interesting? In most cases you´ll have moved up to a higher emotional state. When you think about having the goal it will seem more attainable because it is now that you have dropped some of the limitations to having it.

If possible, keep releasing until you move from AGFLAP to CAP. If you really want to go for it, continue higher into the hootless state: that peaceful care free feeling: its ok if you get the goal and just as ok if you do not.

What can you do if you don´t reach CAP or hootless in your releasing session? Return to that goal and continue releasing another day until you do!

Without the AGFLAP chart you can lose a sense of direction but with it tracking your progress is easy.

Same Old Story Or Is It?

Often when we have a "problem" we think that it is different to the issues others have. However this is not the case when it comes to releasing.

If you want to get rid of X, this X could be a relationship issue, a money problem or a health matter. So what! You can still release on X in the same way.

- refer to the 6 steps
- use Advantages/Disadvantages, Attachments/Aversions, Likes/Dislikes
- let go of resistance to the problem
- go to the underlying wanting approval/control or security. Let that go.
- remember to make releasing constant

And so on.