Sunday, August 29, 2004

Wanting To Be Disappointed

I was doing some thinking the other day about goals and getting what you want. And the thought crossed my mind that maybe as we get older we get more cautious in our goal setting. When in fact we could be setting bigger goals since we have more knowledge and experience of how to get results.

Why do we set our sights lower? Because we have more experience of not getting what we want! The last thing we want is to go through all the emotional and mental effort of giving 100% only to fall short.

I´m not talking about fear of failure here. I´m talking about not wanting to be disappointed again -- fear of disappointment.

Anyway I spent an hour releasing on not wanting to be disappointed on Sunday and I feel lighter and more at peace ever since.

Play with your disappointments and see how good it feels?

Could you let go of wanting to be disappointed?

Could it get any better?