Sunday, August 29, 2004

Lady Twilight dives deeper into approval

She stood by the side of the pool and stared into the deep blue
water below. The sun sparkled back at her as she dived into the
water. At first it felt cold then cool and then refreshing and
revitalising. She resurfaced for air, and laughed and giggled
with the sheer delight of playing in the water.

Her friends got ready to join her while Lady Twilight took a deep
breath and dived under. Deeper and deeper she went until she
could touch the bottom. She paused at the pool floor and felt her
body easing upwards until she let go and slowly made her way back
to the surface.

It had been a perfect day thought Lady Twilight to herself as she
lay down to sleep later that evening. As her mind wandered she
looked ahead to tomorrow. She took a deep breath and wished she
could spend the day at the pool playing with her friends.

She started to dream and this is what she dreamed of.

The pool was even brighter and bigger than normal and an unusual
light blue colour as she dived in and swam to the bottom. She
touched the tiles on the floor as usual only this time a doorway
opened and she swam through into a chamber.

In this chamber there was a small lake from which she surfaced
into a candlelit cave. At that moment she felt a hand on her
left shoulder. She turned to look into the kind eyes of Kuma the
wise one. Without saying a word he passed on his ancient wisdom
until Lady Twilight felt sleepy enough to close her eyes.

She reopened her eyes to find Kuma was nowhere to be seen.
Feeling happy and warm inside she stepped into the lake and swam
into its depths chasing the blue light in front of her. Before
long she was sliding through the opening back into the swimming

Feeling lighter and lighter she gently made her way higher and
higher to the surface. Her face broke through the water into the
air and everything seemed different in the world.

Lady Twilight awoke and she reviewed what Kuma had taught her.
Here is what he said:

We all want the same things at a deep level. We all want to be
loved and appreciated by the important people in our lives but
sometimes this desire for approval gets out of control and we
start to crave this approval. We may even start to need this
acceptance from complete strangers.

There is a better way. If you can take charge of your feelings
you can let go of wanting approval. Very few people know that
when you dive into the core of your feelings you can let them go
and free yourself from their bondage.

In the same way that you dive into a pool you can dive into that
feeling of wanting approval.

Take a moment to recall a recent situation when you wanted the
approval of someone. Now allow yourself to feel that feeling
again, and imagine that you are diving into the feeling itself.

Notice how this feels. And allow the feeling to expand and extend
throughout your body until it washes right over you. At this
point ask yourself: could you let go of wanting approval?

You will then feel the release, a sense of feeling lighter and
free, more at peace and more relaxed.

And now over to you:

Dive deeper and deeper into your feelings before you let them go
and you will be amazed at the peace and serenity you will find at
the core of your being.

Like many good things the more you play with this process the
easier and better it becomes. And as you let go of wanting
approval you will find yourself expressing your true personality,
and so your communication with others will start to flow more

Is it time you went swimming with Kuma?