Sunday, August 29, 2004

How To Fail With The Sedona Method

1 Release thoughts in you head and not the limiting feelings you experience

2 Only release when an emergency occurs (when you are stressed out)

3 Don´t set goals and don´t release on them

4 Go looking for a new and better solution to your problems

5 Release with an obsession to get your goal and hold that need in mind as you release

6 Never review the Sedona Method material - assume you are using it correctly

7 Neglect to pat yourself on the back for the little successes you achieve - instead focus on what is still wrong with your life

8 Don´t spend time online or offline with like minded people to share, grow and learn together

9 Try releasing once on a huge goal and give up when you don´t get instant results

10 Expect to learn releasing without putting the theory into practice