Monday, February 28, 2011

Avoiding What You Don`t Want

While its clear that wanting approval, wanting control and wanting security are running in the background its not always so clear the ways we deny this.

Take wanting approval. If you want to avoid the pain of not getting your want of approval satisfied you might decide to avoid disapproval. What would that look like? You could avoid situations and people that are likely to present you with the disapproval you fear.

You might also convince yourself that you don`t need or want the approval of anyone - you decide to live with a lack of approval and never seek to get approval to ensure you never get rejected.

The same applies to wanting control and wanting security. You might decide to adjust to living with little control over you destiny and in a state of ongoing insecurity while all the time telling yourself that happiness, success, money, control, security and self-determination are not important to you.

This avoidance achieves nothing. Those unsatisfied desires are still driving you and taking from your peace of mind. But you deny this and so you get stuck.

What can you do about this?

Be honest. What do you really want? If you want something, release and get it. Whether that be a kiss, new friends, greater harmony at home, more success at work or some toys you really want.

So many people avoid going after their dreams because they fear failure and for many they fear success even more! Be brave, face your fears and let it all go.

If you can handle success you can handle anything! With releasing you can drop the AGFLAP that pops up when you become more in control, more secure and more approving of yourself and the world. You`ll be okay!