Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Let Go Of Disapproval - Give Yourself Approval

I have been releasing with the sedona method/release technique since the summer of 1999. And I am still going deeper and deeper into the fundamentals. Why? Because just like the simplest meditation technique you can become more skilful and see greater success if you will commit to mastering the fundamentals. There is tremendous power and wisdom in the simplicity of the sedona method.

Last week I started averaging 2 hours a day releasing on letting go of disapproving of myself as well as giving myself approval. This is simple to do...

Could I let go of disapproving of myself? And more, and more and more...
Could I give myself approval? And more, and more, and more...

The results were surprising and even better than I expected. I started to feel happier and happier which I did expect and I was more accepting of myself and others. Then, some surprising events happened.

A friend I had not seen in 4 years contacted me very keen to meet up. We met the next day and had a great time catching up. Then, another friend I had not seen in 2 years contacted me also out of the blue. We met up the same day and had a blast. These are the kinds of happy "coincidences" that I often experience after a lot of releasing.

Another interesting result was that I started to notice when I was either disapproving or approving of whoever I am in conversation with. Then, by simply letting go of the disapproval as soon as I notice it in the moment the rapport in the interaction shifts immediately.

I also notice that the more I approve of myself the more people are drawn to me. Its like having a glow about you that causes people to want to be with you. Some people also commented that I looked great: that glow is what they are talking about.