Monday, November 29, 2010

Sedona Method Observation Method

I have been running a lot of letting go of wanting to figure it out/wanting to think/wanting to know what to do routines lately. It is amazing the insights that pop up when you let go of wanting to know anything.

Yesterday I got an inspiration to release in a slightly different way.

The Observation Method

1. Choose an issue to release on, a goal you desire or a problem you want resolved.

2. Observe your experience of that matter. Simply notice what you are observing in terms of feelings, images and internal dialogue. Pay attention to what you are observing without wanting to change it. Just keep watching it - the more attention you give it, the more you will notice.

3. Notice what happens

Observe the experience without judgement, effort or trying to fix it. It will then let go on its own.

I am not talking about allowing the feelings to be present. I am not talking about going deeper into the feelings to explore them. All I am saying is watch them and see what happens.