Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Being The Goal

How To Get What You Want More Quickly With A Little Help From Beingness

Lester talked about going high to release because that is when we are most capable of letting go of all the limiting thoughts and feelings that keep us from having freedom. Releasing from a high place also causes us to achieve our goals more quickly.

If you already have experience using the sedona method goal process and you`re starting to see results you might like to consider making some adjustments so you can go higher to release and speed things up.

How can we quickly go high to release?

We want to leave AGFLAP behind and start releasing from CAP.

1. Go directly to Courageousness

Consider what you want and adopt the posture you`d have IF you knew you that "Yes, I can do this, I can get what I want!" Get into that feeling state, feel the courage and the sense that you can do it. This is a decision - it does not need to be complicated.

Then release from this high state on your goal until you are hootless.

If you want to go even higher read point 2 and point 3 below.

2. Go to Havingness

Havingness is more a sense of Acceptance. You feel as if you already have the goal even though you do not yet have it. Again, simply get into that emotional state and you`ll feel as if you almost have it right now. Decide to feel you already have the goal, imagine that and feel how that would feel now in this moment.

Release on your goal in the usual way until you are hootless.

Want to go even higher? Read point 3 below.

3. Go to Beingness

Beingness is a sense of oneness and a knowingness that everything is perfect as it is. You can release on a goal from Beingness. I call this being the goal. Instead of having the sense that you have the goal, imagine that you are the goal - be the goal.

Yes, this sounds odd. Test this for yourself. Imagine there is no separation between you and the goal, the goal is part of you and you are part of the goal. Again, be the goal! Start by feeling havingness and then just imagine you are the goal - not only do you own the goal, it is you. This is how you feel when you completely love someone - oneness. i.e. you have only love feelings.

Be the goal right now in this moment and release from this high place to speed up goal achievement. Release until hootless!

If you`re new to these ideas start with releasing from Courageousness. Then as you see results, move up to releasing from Havingness or Beingness. Play with these states and be childlike rather than analysing it all.

Just notice how letting go is easier and much faster from CAP. And letting go from Beingness in the present moment is very different from the experience of releasing from AGFLAP. Its like accelerated releasing!

Could it get any better?