Friday, October 24, 2008

Releasing Is Not Analysis

Very often we can caught up in discussions about the problems people want help with.

These posts offering potential solutions while well meaning and possibly helpful are not what releasing is about.

Releasing is not about diagnosis, analysis and suggesting possible solutions.

Releasing is all about letting go of problems, letting go of wanting to figure out what to do and allowing in freedom.

If you have a problem you can let it go with releasing...

- let go of wanting to figure it out
- let go of wanting to know what to do
- let go of wanting to know the answer
- let go of wanting to think

Strange eh! Yes it is because releasing may be unlike anything else you have ever used to become happier and free.

You can also shift focus from the problem (what you do not want) to a goal (what you do want)

Finally, letting go of all resistance to a problem can work wonders.