Friday, May 12, 2006

Sedona Method Graduates

Hale Dwoskin recently unveiled a new worldwide releasing community which is a wonderful
resource for graduates as well as for those who are new to releasing.

It includes Hale´s blog, live chat with Hale and many ways to network with other releasers.

You can sign up free here:

Thursday, April 13, 2006

sedona method and a perfect day

When I started to learn how to release with the sedona method I stopped using some conscious creation processes that had always served me well. This is one way to isolate a new approach to see how well it works before finding your own style.

Recently I have being releasing through allowingness while visualising the desired end result. I allow the feelings of havingness to be completely present and allow the feelings to do whatever they want. I surrender to having the goal and allow it into my reality.

The more real I picture and feel the havingness the more feelings of fear, resistance, and other attachments and aversions show up. I allow them all to be present and they tend to fade away.

If I get a stuck feeling I simply ask it:: do you want to go? That works really well.

Here is what I am doing now - I´m giving twenty minutes a day minimum to creating my day. I´m starting with small stuff like arriving at the bank when there is no queue, friendly smiles from people I pass in the street, being in the right place at the right time etc.

I believe the small stuff is actually very important because these small results stack up very quickly and reinforce your belief that conscious creation does work, that you do create your reality. Once that sinks in it is much easier to get the big stuff.

Want to start creating your own perfect day? See what happens when you picture it the way you want it to be AND you use the sedona method to release all the feelings that come up.

Let me know how you get on....

sedona method and the spiritual path

This post is very relevant for many people using the sedona method and release technique.

I notice that many people have some odd ideas when it comes to being on a "spiritual path". The desire to love others, to give to people and to drop the ego gets confused with letting others walk all over you.

You have every right to set your life up in any way you see fit. It is your experience after all and if this fits with other people that´s great. If some people don´t like it so be it. Be careful about letting your want of approval destroy your the quality of your relationships.

Let me give you an example. I have some good friends in
England who do not wear shoes in the house so if you visit you will be asked to remove your shoes at the front door.

Now, most visitors have no problem with that. Well, some people won´t take their shoes off. What would you do?

This is where the practical nature of releasing comes in. Release on wanting approval, control and security and be free to ask others to remove their shoes or to leave. If they have so little respect for you it is perfectly okay to show them the door.

Self help means taking care of yourself too!
For many people using the sedona method and release technique it is easy to forget this.

Let´s say someone steals from you. Is it okay to take legal action? Of course it is. Release first and when the cloud of emotion dissolves you will be clear about the best course of action - you might decide to ask nicely first and if that does not work move on to the next logical course of action.

The point I am making is that self help feel good and do good folk don´t always stand up for themselves out of a need for approval. The irony is once you do assert yourself, in a compassionate way, people pay much more attention to what you can share with them.

One more example, I was having lunch during the week with a friend who presents self help seminars that deliver magical results for people.

We were laughing about how people in the south of Spain are so laid back that have no concept of time. Now, this is great day to day but a real issue when you want to get course participants to turn up on time for an event.

No matter how he approaches it there are people who wander in well after the seminar begins. This disturbs his teaching and the small groups he works with.

What would you do? Would you work around this problem so as to not annoy the group? Would you try not to upset the late arriving student? What about the quality of life of the teacher?

Again, releasing is a practical tool for living your life. He could release and then make a clear headed choice on the best way to proceed. Having control is good

It is okay for him to have parameters. The same applies to you in your life. Be loving and giving and make sure wanting approval, control or security does not detract from your quality of life. Let go and have respect for your needs.

For people using the sedona method and release technique - check out this site for more tips:

Friday, March 24, 2006

sedona method and imagination

This article is very relevant to sedona method students so read on if you use the sedona method to achieve goals.

I met a very wise man last week. He lives twenty minutes drive from me, along the coast road.

He has written a number of books about consciousness and related topics and he has a deep understanding of what it is all about plus he can explain complex ideas in very simple terms.

He also understands subtle distinctions that many teachers either miss completely or just get wrong.

We were talking about creating what you want and he likes to refer to manifestation as "directed imagination".Now, I think that is very clever and a useful reminder of how we create our day to day results.

If you want things to change you need to hold in mind something different;if you want more of something you need to hold in mind more of it; and, if you hold in mind things as they are now that is what will continue to be the case.

It´s very easy to forget that we imagine what we want before we get it. When we feel stuck we often think we get what turns up and that we have no power to change things.

Right now, if you examine your dominant thoughts you may well find that your life is consistent with what you allow in. Your life is no better than you allow it to be with the sedona method.

In my view if you can handle success you can handle anything. And the fear of success is what holds us back from allowing in more happiness, success, love and peace.

When you begin to notice that this situation starts with a thought you are on the road to making things better - observe your fear of success and if you like, let it go.

When you think about it... if you congruently want something and yet take little effective action towards having it there must be an opposing force at work. We can call it fear.

Drop the fear and direct your imagination to what you want by holding in mind the goal and dropping the attachments and aversions to having it. Changes can then take place very quickly with the sedona method.

Directed imagination can be like magic once we drop the blocks to allowing in what we really want.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Sedona Method - Happiness and Havingness

I was sitting by an open fire last night in an Indian restaurant by a lake in the spanish countryside.

My buddy was asking me about happiness and I was talking to her about the difference between improving your standard of living and your quality of life. Big difference!

While improving your standard of living is a worthwhile objective, it is good to pause for a moment to notice how good we already have it. If you´re reading this you have electricity, internet access - not to mention food and shelter. There is no reason to take this for granted.

Most of the six billion people on this planet don´t even have clean running water. They would be stunned to see how concerned many of the people in the richest nations are about their standard of living.

The irony of it all is that when you give more attention to your quality of life you will have more peace of mind, more happiness and more time to enjoy the people and the things you love.

This in turn gives you more energy to be productive and effective in the world, giving rise to an even better standard of living if that is what you want.

Having more will not make you happier. It will not improve your quality of life. Yes, more money can ease certain hassles and day to day pressures however success brings with it other issues to deal with. You may find all you do is upgrade your concerns!

I contend that success is the ultimate challenge! Can you handle it when you have it? And that is why quality of life is the ultimate goal - in the form of health and vitality, happiness and peace of mind. Success may come and go but feeling happy can endure regardless when you master releasing.

How hard is it to have peace of mind? It´s easier than you think actually. Can you let go of one distracting thought? Yes, of course you can! Let go of two? Yes! Three, four, five, and so on....

It all comes back to one fundamental principle - you can let go of any self-imposed limitation and thereby have more quality of life and more happiness.

A little releasing a day goes a long way...........

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Sedona Method - Love and Worry

For any issue that leaves you feeling stuck it is really, really helpful to get into CAP first before you even start releasing on the issue.

Let´s say you are worried sick about finding the money to pay your electricity bill. If you try letting go of it you may get nowhere. The stress can keep you stuck.

Go high to release first. Release on something else that is easy for you. Only when you are in CAP can you reach down to AGFAP and let those feelings go with much more ease.

Then, make sure you follow the six steps i.e. release to go free!

You might also want to consider the difference between love and worry. Let me give an example. A while back I had some friends around and I was showing their three year old boy the roof terrace. He wanted to climb the stairs and look around.

We then came back down the stairs and he enjoyed the challenge of making his way down these, for him, huge steps. He was having a blast with this challenge. And I was ready to catch him so he was in danger whatsoever. He was smiling and delighted with himself when he got to the bottom of the stairs.

Ten minutes later we were back up on the roof terrace with his parents and this time on the way down the stairs he was terrified! Why? Because of his mother. Her worry and negative directions scared him so much he was afraid he was going to hurt himself at any moment.

For her, and she admits this herself, she doesn´t want the kid to grow up too fast. What would she do then?

It can be very revealing to see what worry gives you - wanting a/c/s? Could you let go of wanting a//c/s? Of course you can! If you have ever let go of wanting a/c/s in the past you can do so again.

The great thing about going to wanting a/c/s is that you take your mind off the details and "why this story is an exception".

Love vs. worry.

One allows the other to grow, the other can retard growth. Love does not mean not being sensible. In fact, it allows you to be more sensible because you can think more clearly when you don´t worry.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Sedona Method and Financial Worries

In my opinion managing success is another skill we need to master. Becoming successful is attainable with the right tools and attitude - enjoying it and continuing to grow seem to be very difficult for most of us.

When you get more and more of what you want the possibility of loss and the fear and worry that goes with that can really take the shine off the success you worked to achieve.

Still, you are very fortunate in that you know how to release. You have already demonstrated this and now you are aware of the fear of loss feelings. This is all you need to move to the next step....

Firstly, pay attention to the fears and worries and remember they are just feelings and you can let go of any feeling. Drop them one by one as they pop up - this only takes a moment during the day.

You could also go to the underlying wanting a/c/s to shift things more quickly.

Secondly, set new goals for all aspects of your life. Keep aiming higher i.e. repeat the formula that got you to where you are now. Because you are not looking forward your mind is not focused - idle minds are fertile ground for fears and worries!

Thirdly, notice the source of your wealth. It is not a job; it is not your career; it is not the economy, it is not dollars. Your are cause the rest is effect. the source of your wealth as you have demonstrated is the ability to hold in mind what you want before letting it go to allow it in.

Consequently, even if you gave away every penny you have nothing could stop you from allowing in all the wealth you decide to have. The same applies to friendship, love, health, happiness and peace of mind.

The external world is effect not cause - once you get that concept you´ll be much more care free about money - the more real people believe money is the harder they work for it and the more effort and stress it takes to get some.

Prove this is true in a small way and then keep expanding....

Friday, January 06, 2006

Sedona Method and Work

Ever get bogged down by office politics and corporate pressures? Do you find all of these things affect your attitude?

Before you know it you end up thinking about all that you dislike about work.

You need to decide what you do want. Right now you are puttting energy into what you do not want. And we all know what happens when we do that! Yes, whatever we focus on expands.

I used to play the corporate game and it wasn´t my thing although I found ways to use it to get where I wanted to go. Treat it as a game and it is much easier to detach from the corporate seriousness.

Identify the things that irritate you and release on them until those things make you smile. See the absurdity in it all.

What I enjoyed most about the corporate experience was finding ways to excel with the least effort possible. Hint: use conscious creation to manifest success.

Then you quickly become a valuable resource which gives you a lot of freedom to behave as you wish. You get away with being an individual despite pressure to conform; you become the guy in the office who is always in a good mood; you become the one others want to hang with and help out.

Why? Because you have detached from the outcome and you achieve with ease.

Final tip - if possible use your lunch break to recharge. I used to meditate on my break so as to stay in the flow. Nowadays I would release. I did n´t know about releasing back then.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

sedona method and goal setting

Here is some good material for us all on how to set a goal and have it come true.

There are two files to read, a goal chart (choose pdf or word version) and simple instructions on using the goal chart. Download these files here:

Writing your goals down is a great way to get clear about what you really want and releasing on these goals is the best way I know of moving ahead and achieving more without the stress and anxiety that characterises traditonal approaches to goal setting and gettting.