Friday, July 22, 2005

Sedona Method Goal Setting And Getting

Here is what I do when I use the sedon method for goal setting and goal getting...

1. Set a specific goal using the sedona method guidelines - stated in the positive, in the present etc. as a short statement.

Sometimes I will write out a very detailed goal - up to one page of A4 and then sum it up in one short goal statement.

2. Release on the goal to completion - this can take time, how long depends on how much AGFLAP there is to drop.

3. Check in regularly and preferably daily to see if you are still hootless.

If I´m not hootless I release to completion again. This is a key element of the process because until and unless you remain hootless you are not allowing in what you want.

4. Make the goal real in your mind - see, hear, feel, smell and taste it as already here now. Do that with strong emotions and you will easily bring up all the AGFLAP you need to let go of.

You will also be encourgaed to keep working on the goal because when you daily create a rich sensory experience of the goal as already attained your sense of certainty that it is going to happen will be much greater.

All of the above requires effort so don´t set goals you don´t really want!

Now, it´s time for you to use the sedona method for goal setting!