Friday, July 08, 2005

Sedona Method Overnight Success

I find the notion of the western culture "overnight success" stars very funny. How many times do you see and hear about yet another overnight success in dance, music, movies or business?

Some 24 year old woman becomes a multi-millionaire and we all tend to think "well that must mean I´m really thick!" Of course the truth is she worked from the age of 12 for self- made parents with exceptional business skills and empowering belief systems.

So, she had a decade of intense high level business training, key contacts and access to finance before most kids had finished school.

The same applies with music - that world class drummer was born to two gifted hard working professional musicians. At the age of 4 as a boy he was beating the drums at 8am each morning before wandering off to school.

And releasing is the same story. Some people may have an advantage in having a background that showed them how to release. Most of those people won´t need the sedona method as they already let go. For the rest of use this is our opportunity to become the next overnight success!

And bear in mind...

Either you understand releasing or you do releasing. And understanding it means nothing unless you actually let feelings go.

I´m still learning how to release and it gets more profound the more I "work" at it. Sorry for using a four letter word!

Finally, let me say whether you stick at releasing until you get it is up to you - nobody else can do it for you. We can offer support here but it still is a question of your own commitment and persistence.