Thursday, April 21, 2005

Sedona Method And Love

Last week I was sitting with two good friends on a sunny terraza in the moutains.

The vista stretched into the distance with moutains rolling one upon the next into the distance. Beautiful.

As I sat and looked at the closest and largest mountain I welcomed the feeling of enjoying the view. This feeling grew and soon I was feeling love for the moutain, this love then grew the more I welcomed and allowed it.

In a matter of minutes it was like feeling in love. Because I was!

Now, this also works for the sea. I tested it! Stare out to sea and feel how much you enjoy the view. Then feel how much you like and love the sea. And the love feelings will grow.

I have also done the same while out walking - feeling love for pets as they walk with their owners.

The point of all this?

To expand love, pick something that is alive whether that be the sea, the mountains, a tree or a pet. Feel the love, allow it in, experience it fully and you will be "in love".

By feeling love for nature you are feeling love for all of life and you will then also feel more love for yourself and other people.

Where is the love? Right where you are!