Friday, December 09, 2005

It Takes Effort To Live Without Effort

When you start to learn about releasing it can sound too
good to be true. You read the information at the sedona
method site and you think "this is amazing but will this
work for me?"

Then maybe you get the book or listen to the audio course
and you start to feel happier, more in charge of your life
and ready and able to reach for the stars.

A month later you are back where you started -- surfing the
self help sites looking for an effortless sure-fire way to
have all the success and happiness you want.

You are not alone...

At some level we all want to believe we can sit around
enjoying rich food and never get fat, watch TV all day and
get an education or put no effort into our relationship and
never have an upset partner.

Unfortunately the reality seems to be that effort is
required. The difference with the sedona method is that the
effort is unseen because it occurs on the inside. That
does not mean it does not take effort to get what you want
with releasing.

The ultimate promise with releasing is that you can sit
down and release to get what you want without taking any
action. So how do you do that? By releasing for hours and
hours and hours. i.e. massive effort.

The easier approach is to release AND take action - of
course this requires effort too!

If releasing takes effort why bother? Because the more you
release the less impedance you have to getting what you
want so as you grow it takes less releasing to manifest
your goals. Plus you will continue to feel happier, at
peace and free.

I will often release for 3-4 hours a day on a goal. Not all
the time, some of the time. When I do, I can achieve
results more quickly than I could otherwise and with more
ease and flow. There is still effort involved but it is
less effort than fighting to get ahead in the outside world.

Given the choice I prefer effort on the inside over effort
on the outside. It gets me what I want with less
aggravation and it also keeps me happier.

To sum up... the sedona method promise is a big promise
just remember it takes effort on your part to fulfill that
promise. And over time the cumulaitve releasing means it
then takes less releasing to get what you want.