Friday, October 28, 2005

Looking For Love In All The Right Places

Want more love? Want to feel appreciated, valued and

Well, you don´t need to go very far to have all the love
you could ever ask for. It´s all inside of you.

Think about it...

Think of all the times you have been in love, all the times
you felt high on life because of a wonderful person in your

Where did that feeling come from? It didn´t come from that
person. You felt those good feelings inside yourself and
attached them to that person.

That´s when the trouble started!

At that point you started to need that person to feel loved
because at some level you decided you would only feel love
for him/her. You would only associate those feeling of love
to him/her. Everyone else in the world would have to wait.

Feeling love for someone, not being loved, is the special
feeling everyone wants. And nobody can take that choice
away from you.

What happens when things go wrong is that the other person
at times fails to behave the way we want so we decide to
not feel love for him/her.

You then feel unloved, your partner reflects this back to
you and very soon you both feel unloved. You are! Because
you are both choosing to not feel love.

Find love where it is by noticing that it was always inside
you waiting to be set free. Anytime you want to feel love
it´s easy, very easy.

Pick a person, a pet or even a place you love and choose to
feel that love. If you like, you can state: I allow myself
to love (name)? And release on any wanting a/c/s that
comes up. This allows you to feel more and more love as
you drop the resistance to having it.

You could also spend time approving of yourself. Do this by
spending 3-4 hours at a time giving yourself approval. Just
send yourself love and approval by deciding to.

You could also ask yourself: could I give myself approval?
And then release on whatever comes up.

Does this mean you don´t need a relationship in order to be
happy? Yes! Does this mean don´t have a relationship? No,
it means have a much better one!

Could it get any better?

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