Friday, August 19, 2005

Releasing Secrets Exposed

Want to know what it takes to get what you want? Pay the price!

Any lasting success you have in life depends on momentum. Achieve a goal, aim higher and keep doing what works for you.


What tends to happen is the following. We feel pain. Whether financial, relationship or health -- it gets to a point where we can´t take it any longer so we look for a new and better way to get what we want.

For self help enthusiasts that can mean - get a new book/course or attend a new seminar. For the most part the common message is: you create your reality so change your mind and thereby change your life. Here is a structured way to do that.

Because and only because you are in pain, you follow the instructions and experience new success. But! Success breeds complacency....

Over time you stop doing what works and you slide back down to another point of extreme pain and the whole cycle starts all over again.

The Sedona Method suffers from the very same dynamic which we impose on it. Do you want to break out of this box?

Here´s what to do.......

1. Choose freedom and imperturbability above wanting a/c/s.

2. Devote time to releasing each day and get into the habit of releasing all day long.

3. Set ever higher goals as a game to see how high is up.

4. Appreciate that the very best way for you to help those you care about is to make your own life magnificient - people pay attention to what you can demonstrate more so than what you say.

In very simple terms - the more time you put into releasing each day the better your life will be. The daily momentum builds into an unstoppable force of peace and happiness.

If you only release now and then what do you honestly expect to happen? I´ve tested that approach so I can tell you: nuffin´ much happens!

Enough talk -- go release!