Friday, December 09, 2005

It Takes Effort To Live Without Effort

When you start to learn about releasing it can sound too
good to be true. You read the information at the sedona
method site and you think "this is amazing but will this
work for me?"

Then maybe you get the book or listen to the audio course
and you start to feel happier, more in charge of your life
and ready and able to reach for the stars.

A month later you are back where you started -- surfing the
self help sites looking for an effortless sure-fire way to
have all the success and happiness you want.

You are not alone...

At some level we all want to believe we can sit around
enjoying rich food and never get fat, watch TV all day and
get an education or put no effort into our relationship and
never have an upset partner.

Unfortunately the reality seems to be that effort is
required. The difference with the sedona method is that the
effort is unseen because it occurs on the inside. That
does not mean it does not take effort to get what you want
with releasing.

The ultimate promise with releasing is that you can sit
down and release to get what you want without taking any
action. So how do you do that? By releasing for hours and
hours and hours. i.e. massive effort.

The easier approach is to release AND take action - of
course this requires effort too!

If releasing takes effort why bother? Because the more you
release the less impedance you have to getting what you
want so as you grow it takes less releasing to manifest
your goals. Plus you will continue to feel happier, at
peace and free.

I will often release for 3-4 hours a day on a goal. Not all
the time, some of the time. When I do, I can achieve
results more quickly than I could otherwise and with more
ease and flow. There is still effort involved but it is
less effort than fighting to get ahead in the outside world.

Given the choice I prefer effort on the inside over effort
on the outside. It gets me what I want with less
aggravation and it also keeps me happier.

To sum up... the sedona method promise is a big promise
just remember it takes effort on your part to fulfill that
promise. And over time the cumulaitve releasing means it
then takes less releasing to get what you want.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Looking For Love In All The Right Places

Want more love? Want to feel appreciated, valued and

Well, you don´t need to go very far to have all the love
you could ever ask for. It´s all inside of you.

Think about it...

Think of all the times you have been in love, all the times
you felt high on life because of a wonderful person in your

Where did that feeling come from? It didn´t come from that
person. You felt those good feelings inside yourself and
attached them to that person.

That´s when the trouble started!

At that point you started to need that person to feel loved
because at some level you decided you would only feel love
for him/her. You would only associate those feeling of love
to him/her. Everyone else in the world would have to wait.

Feeling love for someone, not being loved, is the special
feeling everyone wants. And nobody can take that choice
away from you.

What happens when things go wrong is that the other person
at times fails to behave the way we want so we decide to
not feel love for him/her.

You then feel unloved, your partner reflects this back to
you and very soon you both feel unloved. You are! Because
you are both choosing to not feel love.

Find love where it is by noticing that it was always inside
you waiting to be set free. Anytime you want to feel love
it´s easy, very easy.

Pick a person, a pet or even a place you love and choose to
feel that love. If you like, you can state: I allow myself
to love (name)? And release on any wanting a/c/s that
comes up. This allows you to feel more and more love as
you drop the resistance to having it.

You could also spend time approving of yourself. Do this by
spending 3-4 hours at a time giving yourself approval. Just
send yourself love and approval by deciding to.

You could also ask yourself: could I give myself approval?
And then release on whatever comes up.

Does this mean you don´t need a relationship in order to be
happy? Yes! Does this mean don´t have a relationship? No,
it means have a much better one!

Could it get any better?

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Friday, August 19, 2005

Releasing Secrets Exposed

Want to know what it takes to get what you want? Pay the price!

Any lasting success you have in life depends on momentum. Achieve a goal, aim higher and keep doing what works for you.


What tends to happen is the following. We feel pain. Whether financial, relationship or health -- it gets to a point where we can´t take it any longer so we look for a new and better way to get what we want.

For self help enthusiasts that can mean - get a new book/course or attend a new seminar. For the most part the common message is: you create your reality so change your mind and thereby change your life. Here is a structured way to do that.

Because and only because you are in pain, you follow the instructions and experience new success. But! Success breeds complacency....

Over time you stop doing what works and you slide back down to another point of extreme pain and the whole cycle starts all over again.

The Sedona Method suffers from the very same dynamic which we impose on it. Do you want to break out of this box?

Here´s what to do.......

1. Choose freedom and imperturbability above wanting a/c/s.

2. Devote time to releasing each day and get into the habit of releasing all day long.

3. Set ever higher goals as a game to see how high is up.

4. Appreciate that the very best way for you to help those you care about is to make your own life magnificient - people pay attention to what you can demonstrate more so than what you say.

In very simple terms - the more time you put into releasing each day the better your life will be. The daily momentum builds into an unstoppable force of peace and happiness.

If you only release now and then what do you honestly expect to happen? I´ve tested that approach so I can tell you: nuffin´ much happens!

Enough talk -- go release!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Sedona Method Goal Setting And Getting

Here is what I do when I use the sedon method for goal setting and goal getting...

1. Set a specific goal using the sedona method guidelines - stated in the positive, in the present etc. as a short statement.

Sometimes I will write out a very detailed goal - up to one page of A4 and then sum it up in one short goal statement.

2. Release on the goal to completion - this can take time, how long depends on how much AGFLAP there is to drop.

3. Check in regularly and preferably daily to see if you are still hootless.

If I´m not hootless I release to completion again. This is a key element of the process because until and unless you remain hootless you are not allowing in what you want.

4. Make the goal real in your mind - see, hear, feel, smell and taste it as already here now. Do that with strong emotions and you will easily bring up all the AGFLAP you need to let go of.

You will also be encourgaed to keep working on the goal because when you daily create a rich sensory experience of the goal as already attained your sense of certainty that it is going to happen will be much greater.

All of the above requires effort so don´t set goals you don´t really want!

Now, it´s time for you to use the sedona method for goal setting!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Sedona Method releasing tip of the day

When it comes to using the sedona method I see a lot of messages at the sedona method releasing club...

that cry out "but this situation is different so what should I do?"

Releasing is profound IF AND ONLY IF you choose to use it.

If you want to analyse a problem, situation or issue it´s up to you however that has nothing to do with releasing. If someone replies: let go of wanting to figure it out... get annoyed if you want to but that answer is what releasing is about.

At the sedona method releasing club forum we offer releasing advice based on what we believe works and we are not here to guess and then tell you what you want to hear.

And if you feel unable to take charge of a problem go and get professional help. This board is not an alternative for professional face to face help.

See you at the forum...

Friday, July 08, 2005

Sedona Method Overnight Success

I find the notion of the western culture "overnight success" stars very funny. How many times do you see and hear about yet another overnight success in dance, music, movies or business?

Some 24 year old woman becomes a multi-millionaire and we all tend to think "well that must mean I´m really thick!" Of course the truth is she worked from the age of 12 for self- made parents with exceptional business skills and empowering belief systems.

So, she had a decade of intense high level business training, key contacts and access to finance before most kids had finished school.

The same applies with music - that world class drummer was born to two gifted hard working professional musicians. At the age of 4 as a boy he was beating the drums at 8am each morning before wandering off to school.

And releasing is the same story. Some people may have an advantage in having a background that showed them how to release. Most of those people won´t need the sedona method as they already let go. For the rest of use this is our opportunity to become the next overnight success!

And bear in mind...

Either you understand releasing or you do releasing. And understanding it means nothing unless you actually let feelings go.

I´m still learning how to release and it gets more profound the more I "work" at it. Sorry for using a four letter word!

Finally, let me say whether you stick at releasing until you get it is up to you - nobody else can do it for you. We can offer support here but it still is a question of your own commitment and persistence.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Sedona Method Cause And Effect

All that we see, hear and feel around us in the outside world are the results of our thinking on the inside. A great way to spot this is to consider: how did you cause this to happen?

Do this with a sense of complete responsibility for your world and you´ll have some interesting insights.

And notice how breakthroughs happen - you may get to a point of giving up and for some odd reason things come together for you i.e. a haphazard way of letting go.

So, your mind and emotions shifted first then your circumstances changed.

Finally, the division between out inside world and outside world is part of the illusion. Play with that idea and see what you let go....

Could it get any better?

Monday, June 20, 2005

Hale Dwoskin Interview

Hale Dwoskin has been teaching releasing for many years
and was an early student of Lester Levenson.

There is a new Hale Dwoskin interview at:

You will need Real Player to listen to it, get it here:

Just so you know, Hale Dwoskin is the man behind the sedona method.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Your Sedona Method Success Tips

What is the secret to getting great results with sedona method releasing?

The more I play with the sedona method and releasing the more I sense that doing a little releasing on a daily basis makes a huge difference. As you, little by little, drop a few more limiting feelings it gets easier and easier to use the sedona method to drop even more stuckness when the big issues turn up.

It´s like any life skill - the more you develop the skill, the better you get and the faster you can produce results.

One other point worth mentioning. I am a big believer in releasing to completion. When I do this it feels like the goal has already been achieved - it´s like that feeling you get when you know someone is standing behind you... you can sense it before you turn to look.

Does releasing to completion take effort?

Yes it does! I am working on a goal right now that I return to each day in order to let go of a little more resistance. Some days I release on the goal for 40 minutes, at other times up to 2 hours.

This is time well spent because all areas of your life benefit when you drop wanting a/c/s. Just watch - you´ll start to get luckier and more and more happy coincidences will show up out of the blue (or is it?). It´s part of the sedona method magic.

Could it get any better?

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Release Technique - does it work?

Over at the sedona method releasing club, people ask does the release technique work?

Yes, it does! You see, the release technique and the sedona method both teach the same fundamental techniques and principles. The only real difference is one of personal style on the part of the teachers - Larry Crane at Release Technique and Hale Dwoskin at Sedona Method. and, a difference in emphasis, Larry stresses more than Hale that releasing is about feelings - dropping limiting feelings.

While the sedona method is about dropping feelings, the way Hale teaches it many people get the idea releasing is about letting go of thoughts. Hale does say to drop feelings and still somewhere in the teaching people can get confused.

A suggestion for you -- get this free report on the release technique. You´ll be glad you did. click here now:

Release Technique Report

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Lester Levenson on Love Feelings

If you read some of the books based on Lester´s outlook you´ll notice him talking about dropping non-love feelings so as to have more love feelings and go higher.

One way he suggests is to change any non-love feeling to love. How? Simply ask yourself -- could I change this feeling to love?

I have been playing with this while out walking, I pay attention to what is around me and choose to feel love. I send love to all that is around me - people, pets, trees, houses, sky, sea etc.

This is a very direct and fast way to feel very, very happy. Test it for yourself and enjoy the love!

P.S. Want to drop a problem quickly? Send it love.

For much, much more on releasing, go here now....

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Sedona Method And Love

Last week I was sitting with two good friends on a sunny terraza in the moutains.

The vista stretched into the distance with moutains rolling one upon the next into the distance. Beautiful.

As I sat and looked at the closest and largest mountain I welcomed the feeling of enjoying the view. This feeling grew and soon I was feeling love for the moutain, this love then grew the more I welcomed and allowed it.

In a matter of minutes it was like feeling in love. Because I was!

Now, this also works for the sea. I tested it! Stare out to sea and feel how much you enjoy the view. Then feel how much you like and love the sea. And the love feelings will grow.

I have also done the same while out walking - feeling love for pets as they walk with their owners.

The point of all this?

To expand love, pick something that is alive whether that be the sea, the mountains, a tree or a pet. Feel the love, allow it in, experience it fully and you will be "in love".

By feeling love for nature you are feeling love for all of life and you will then also feel more love for yourself and other people.

Where is the love? Right where you are!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sedona Method And Money

I wanted to talk about financial freedom which is a state of abundance without lacking money to live your life the way you want to. This also means having money without worrying about losing it or the sense of never having quite enough.

Using the sedona method to get what you want is a great way to move closer to freedom, because you drop limitations to get what you want, and having goals to do with making more money are useful because you can measure your progress or lack of it.

First of all let me say most of us have an abundant supply of limiting beliefs when it comes to having money. And these beliefs are nothing more than our self-imposed limitations.

One way to progress financially is to identify all your limiting beliefs and to change each one to an empowering one. I do not recommend this approach because you may never get to the bottom of the matter and you may not identify all of those limting beliefs since many are in your unconscious.

I regard releasing as a faster more effective way to expand your money consciousness as you can drop whole patterns when you let go of the limiting emotional dynamic that is holding you back.

I make more money now with greater ease than I have ever done because of both the releasing I have done and the actions I have taken in the world.

I now make enough money in one week to pay my outgoings for the month and I can sustain this income level with one hour of work per day. I love what I do and it makes a positive difference for other people. I am telling you this to demonstrate that what I say is based on experience of what works.

Before releasing I worked 50 + hours per week at something I hated and I had very little money or time left over at the end of the month. Living like this does not bring out the best in anyone and affects everyone you interact with.

To make more money you have to do one thing - stop making it so difficult for yourself! You need to let go of your resistance to having more and you need to take charge of your limiting emotional states.

Take a real world example...

Two people look at the same great opportunity and one turns it down while the other goes for it. Why? Assuming both people have the busines acumen to assess the opportunity - greed and fear stop you from making good decisions.

Your clouded perspective on money will stop you from having more by telling you: it can´t be that easy; I don´t deserve it; what if I lose money etc.

The more you release on money the less important money is to you emotionally. It no longer represents security in the way it used to i.e. you are less attached to it and less averse to losing it.

Only when you have no attachments and aversions to money are you free of the grip money has on most people. In this state of abundance you have a lot of power to create positive change in the world and to help others to create more abundance - staying poor or restricted financially helps nobody.

As Gandhi said: "be the change you want to see in the world!" If you feel bad about poverty, become wealthy so that you have the power to lead others to greater wealth. You can give away every penny you make if you want however do appreciate that until and unless you can make things happen in the world you have limited credibility when it comes to telling others how to have a more abundant life.

The ability to make money is really the ability to make things happen in the world - it is about mastering yourself and this paradigm. i.e deal with your fear, pride, lust etc.

Let go of non love feelings to express more love and you will have much more energy and creativity at your disposal to make things better and to achieve your goals.

And do make yourself happy as a priority. Once you decide to be happy no matter what, you give a wonderful gift to the world and you lead others to happiness. If having tons of money is something you´d like to do - go ahead.

Now, what to do?

As Larry suggests, release first on making one dollar and take it from there....