Sunday, December 26, 2004

Sedona Method and Prosperity

You now know how to manifest prosperity. i.e. know what you really want, commit to releasing and keep letting go over time.

Keep doing what works and stop doing what does not work!

Let me explain...

I had great fun reading 10 year old journals of mine this week. Very funny reading what I was thinking, doing and struggling with.

One pattern I repeated again and again...

Do lots of personal growth work - achieve a desired goal - stop using personal growth tools or techniques - life disimproves over time - do lots of personal growth work ----

I have seen this pattern in close friends too. I´m sure most people here can relate to this dynamic.

What to do....

Understand that we slide back to our default settings on reality or back to new higher settings unless we continue to energise our desired reality - the consciously created world we live in.

I strongly recommend goal setting - go and get all the stuff, love, happiness, success and joy that you want. Contribute to others and make your life fantastic.

Along the way, as you let go, you will get closer and closer to freedom.

Sometimes spiritual seekers think having any desires is in some way negative, inappropriate and a distraction. So they deny those desires i.e. suppress them.

There is nothing spiritual about being dishonest with yourself.

What would happen if instead you let go of the desires? You would make much more progress in a spiritual sense and maybe even enjoy the journey a little more. And if you do not want what you manifest give it to others. Easy solution!

Could it get any better?

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