Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Sedona Method and Happiness

Sedona Method and Happiness- How much pleasure can you handle?

What if you could feel wonderfully happy even though your life isn´t perfect yet? Well you can. If you choose to!

Three suggestions for you:

1. Release on an issue which has nothing to do with money. Do this just to feel great - because when you go high you can release with greater ease on stuck issues such as money. Then, and only then, release on money.

2. Love yourself anyway even if you don´t have all the pieces of paper and metal you want or need.

3. Release to let go... not to get something. Otherwise you are building the attachments and aversions - and not releasing at all.
When you want something with intensity you are in a state of lust - in that state of mind it is very difficult to think straight. That is why when we release we can think more clearly and find novel solutions. So release and move up the scale of emotions.

Waiting until everything is absolutely perfect before you feel happy is certainly one approach however how many splt second moments have you ever had like that? Not many!

And yes being happy is also very practical - people want to be around happy people and when you infect others with your happiness they will do all that they can to help you.

Be happy even if everything isn´t perfect yet!

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