Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Larry Crane - Release Technique Story: What would it be like if you were unable to worry?

Larry Crane - Release Technique Story...

Imagine feeling secure about the future and looking forward
to it with an excitement you have not felt since you were a
child. (This is the Larry Crane - Release Technique Story)

What I am going to talk about today is not for everyone...

It is true, the Release Technique Story of Larry Crane.

If you are open minded and of at least average intelligence
the following information could lead you to the most
important breakthrough of your entire life....

If you are as busy as me -- you know that making your life
better sometimes takes a back seat to dealing with that
never ending list of things to do that never gets done.

This is why as the UPS driver handed me the package and as
I signed his electonic pad -- I honestly did not know when
I would get a chance to listen to the potentially life
changing information I now held in my hands.

Later that evening...

I switched off the PC, ignored the TV and the phone... and
ripped open the first set of tapes.

Although some of what I listened to was familiar -- a lot
of it was totally different to anything I have ever heard.

This course produced by Larry Crane, a self made
millionaire, offers a new and refreshing alternative to
getting what you want whether that be greater happiness,
more confidence or greater success... and it works.

But first.

Let me tell you about Larry...

Larry was a very successful business man. He was
written up in the business press, including TIME magazine,
and made millions for himself.

And he had the luxury cars and planes, an expensive home and
he could buy whatever he wanted.


He was extremely unhappy. In fact he was miserable and
hated his life. And he was angry and totally stressed out.

One night he even considered jumping off the roof terrace
of his 10 room Manhattan penthouse apartment. For about two
hours he contemplated jumping.

He didn´t.

This was a TURNING POINT and put him on a search for a way
to succeed and be happy without feeling stressed out,
worried and anxious.

His quest lead him to Lester Levenson and The Release


Let me tell you what I have gained already from listening
to this unusual course:

What Have I got from the Release Technique?

1. I Stopped Worrying

Like most people I have a knack for worrying about what
might go wrong. Even though I make a point of being

I can still have a few worrying thoughts working away in
the back of my mind that stop me from feeling total peace
of mind.

After listening to tape 4B its as if my worrying program
has short circuited. I feel secure about the future in a
way I never have before.

All of that negative thinking that used to tire me out and
leave me feeling anxious has evaporated.

And if I want to give this new state of mind even more
energy I can simply listen to this tape again anytime I

2. I Feel Happier.

Even after listening to the first 5 tapes of this 10 tape
package I felt happier. All I did was follow along and do
the exercises under Larry´s guidance and things started to
feel different.

I feel lighter and more at ease with myself.

I notice myself smiling for no reason whatsoever. And when
you think about it shouldn´t this be true for all of us.

3. Problems Seem Less of a Challenge

Problems don´t seem so overwhelming and I have a new sense
of possibility. Whatever I put my mind to I can achieve.

I can think more clearly and find new and better solutions
to whatever challenges I am facing. This alone has given me
a whole new sense of what is possible.

4. I Approve of Myself More

I already knew that when it comes to having more success
that money does not motivate me once I have enough.

After completing the course it hit me. What I really want
by succeeding is the approval and respect of my role models.

And ironically this craving approval stops me from giving
100% Why? Because I am afraid I won´t get it.

The solution? Let go of wanting this approval.

I have been doing this for the past two days and I have had
the most productive week I have had in months and with less
EFFORT. It feels like I am in the flow...

I am making better decisions, taking less time to get
things done and not holding back when it comes to really
excelling with my work.

Imagine feeling like this every day!

You can...

Take a look at the Release Technique site and see what you


You can listen to some fascinating audio recordings and
discover why this breakthrough technique is used by the
rich and famous including:

- Joan Collins, actress

- Norman Vincent Peale, Author, The Power of Positive

- Sally Jesse Raphael, TV Talk Show Hostess

- Britt Eklund, actress

- Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia

- Laura Dern, actress

- Diane Ladd, actress

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