Sunday, December 12, 2004

Letting Go Of Resistance

Do you release on a particular goal once and then move onto something else?

Goal manifestation requires ongoing energy. Larry Crane recommends releasing to completion on a goal and then checking in each day to see if you are still hootless about the goal.

Very often you will find yourself back in a state of wanting. You then need to release a lttle more to regain that hootless state. Repeat again the next day if required ... and so on.

I find that I usually have a great deal of resistance to having what I want - even for things I really, really want. A useful goals check is to ask yourself: do I have any resistance to having this?

If you have, and very often you will have a lot of resistance to let go of, you will have confirmation of how you are not creating what you want i.e. how you are stopping yourself from having the goal.

The more you make releasing an aspect of how you live the better your results will be. Releasing can be treated as something you turn to from time to time or as part of who you are and how you live.

When you decide to live in that way you release to release, to have more freedom, and it gets easier to achieve any goal because you are not releasing to get the goal itself.

To sum up, release to get hootless on your goals, check in daily and release more to stay hootless and allow releasing to become the way you operate in the world. You may well be astonished by how quickly things will then change.

Could it get any better?