Friday, November 12, 2004

Sedona Method and making Money

Want to get more money by using the sedona method?

Sometimes people want more money, financial freedom first before they develop themselves. That is not how the sedona method works!

You´ve got it the wrong way around - success is an inside job!

You need to create an inner sense of securiity first before you create it in the outside world. And just so you know - money is not security its only pieces of paper!

I´m not joking - having more money can leave you feeling less secure unless you create inner security. Otherwise, worrying about how much you have to lose will dominate your thinking.

If you are releasing to get money you´re not releasing at all - you are actually reinforcing your lust for money and pushing it away. Releasing is about letting go of what you want to that you allow it in.

Develop yourself now, be creative now - use the challenges before you to grow. You have a perfect environment for using releasing - if you had no challenges you´d not have so much potential for growth presented to you on a plate before you.

Could it get any better?


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