Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Who is Hale Dwoskin?

From The Sedona Method site:

"HALE DWOSKIN is the author of the New York Times Best Seller The Sedona Method: Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success, Peace and Emotional Well-being He is the CEO and Director of Training of Sedona Training Associates, an organization headquartered in Sedona, Arizona.

He co-founded the company in 1996 to teach courses based on the emotional releasing techniques originated by his mentor Lester Levenson. Hale Dwoskin is an international speaker and featured faculty member at Esalen and the Omega Institute.

For the last quarter century, Hale Dwoskin has regularly been teaching the Sedona Method to individuals and at corporations throughout the United States and the United Kingdom, and leading facilitator trainings and advanced retreats since the early 1990's. Hale Dwoskin is also the co-author of Happiness Is Free: And Its Easier than You Think (a five-book series)."


Now you know who Hale Dwoskin is!