Monday, September 06, 2004

Sedona Method Shopping Tips

One thing I have noticed lately is that the more I release the less desire I have for those things that I don´t really want when I am out shopping. That cloud of wanton desire just lifts and I can clearly assess whether or not I really want to buy the object in front of me.

Next time you are shopping, pause when you get caught up in that gimmee gimmee feeling and release first BEFORE heading over to the sales assistant with your credit credit.

Here´s what I do. When I´m in a shop considering buying something, I will just allow myself to feel whatever it is that I´m feeling in the moment. After a few moments the mental fog will lift.

Then I´ll decide if I really want the item- If I do I´ll get it although a lot of the time it´s just a feeling that I want rather than something outside of myself, and I ´ll have just got it by releasing!

Warning signs for me include that greedy feeling, that gimmee it now feeling or that sense that the item will really impress other people.

Could it get any better?