Monday, September 06, 2004

Sedona Method Newbie Guide

This posting is for you if you are looking to find out more about The Sedona Method. I will do my best to answer the following questions for you:

1 What is The Sedona Method?

2 Does it really work?

3 Who developed the Sedona Method and why?

4 How does it work?

5 Is it worth your time learning The Sedona Method?

Before I answer these questions I think it is important to tell you a little about my background and why I set up this site.

From an early age I found it fascinating that you could develop your mind and learn how to make your life better. The first course I ever took was The Silva Method, which was excellent and it got me off to a great start with personal development.

From there I continued to read anything good that I could get my hands on and I quickly realized that there are only so many principles to learn - after that you need to apply these principles daily in your life. So I did.

Life got better especially after I trained in NLP, that really boosted my confidence in what was possible and I got better and better at getting what I wanted in my life.

I started to earn a lot more money than ever before and I also started to find lots of new friends on the same wavelength which was great fun.

The next big jump in my happiness and success came after I became a Reiki healer. Reiki is very powerful and it gives you a heightened sensitivity to life and to the vibes that people give off.

When I was in a business meeting I could almost feel how the other people felt about the business of the day. And when I would meet someone for the first time, in those first few seconds I could feel their pain, their humanity and what they were really like as a person. What they said later in words would only confirm these strong intuitive impressions.

At this point you might be thinking - why am I telling you all this? Im telling you so that you know what my background is and so that you understand what experiences I already had when I first heard about The Sedona Method. Later on this will make more sense when you read about my first impressions of The Sedona Method.

Back to our story!

O.K. At this stage I was becoming more and more successful in my career and in my personal life. I was making a lot more money than ever before with a lot less effort and in my free time I had plenty of great friends that I enjoyed spending time with.

One morning I was driving to work in heavy traffic as usual. The office was only 15 miles from where I lived and I needed to allow 50 minutes to make sure I got to the office on time. Only this day was different - I was driving to work in a brand new Mercedes. Great eh?

The fact is I wasnt really enjoying myself. I was stressed out at work, I was really tired of endless traffic jams and the truth was that despite all the money I really didnt want to do this job anymore.

Unless I was happy at work all the other stuff meant very little to me. I decided it was time to work for myself so I stashed away some more money and left two months later. I have been self-employed ever since.

Why did I learn The Sedona Method?

A few months down the road I was still stressed much to my amazement and disappointment! I used all the tools I already knew and I felt a little better but still this new lifestyle without a salary coming in was very hard to adjust to.

I opened the mail one morning and read a mailing about The Sedona Method. It sounded like exactly what I was looking for even though I didnt understand what it was or how it worked.

A few hours later I was walking out of the house to go for a walk when I went back in to order the Sedona Method tapes. That intuition that I talked about earlier was screaming - get this now!

My first impressions were very positive. The system was very easy to learn and it felt great. I started to feel more in control of my life and happier and more at peace than I had in a long time. I had a feeling conviction that everything would work out jut fine, and it did.

I have now been using The Sedona Method for over 3 years and it seems to get better the more you use it. One caveat. You must use it each day. If you use it once and then expect your life to be better youll be setting yourself up for disappointment. It is designed to be part of how you live and to be used daily.

Now that you know what got me to the point of buying the Sedona Method, let us take a look at each of the questions above.

1 What is The Sedona Method?

Its a way to let go of limiting feelings that hold us back in life.

Many spiritual teachers talk about the importance of knowing what you want and then letting go of the desire. The problem is they dont always tell you HOW to let go! And until you do let go, making progress can be difficult, stressful and painfully slow. It can be like driving with the handbrake on.

Feelings like frustration, hate, envy, greed, fear and anger are part of day to day life for so many of us and they leave you tired and worn out by the end of the day.

Instead, if you know how, you could just let go of these feelings and enjoy feeling at peace and happy. The Sedona Method shows you a simple practical way to do this.

2 Does it really work?

I set up this site - the Sedona Method releasing Club way back on October 31st 1999 because of how impressed I am with The Sedona Method. If you look back over the several pages of postings at this discussion board you will read many, many accounts of how releasing works for me...and you will also read of how other people have successfully used it in their lives.

Click on Message Board in the left hand column of this page to go to the discussion board. You can then read these postings for yourself.
From my experience it does work if you work it! However nothing will happen if buy the best tools available and leave them in storage.

3 Who developed the Sedona Method and why?

Lester Levenson developed the Sedona Method. In 1952 at the age of 42 Lester suffered a massive heart attack and was so weak after he recovered that his doctor warned him that even the slightest effort could kill him. He was ordered to go home to his penthouse in New York and to rest.

Feeling deflated and very afraid of dying, Lester had a lot of time to sit and think about his life and to reflect on his success in life. He quickly realized that he had been a failure. Although he had made a lot of money and done well in business he had never really been happy. What had been the point in working so hard if he had destroyed his health in the process and if he was still unhappy?

He reasoned that if he could figure out how to be happy he might find the reasons why his health had been so poor. So he spent three months sitting alone in his penthouse endlessly analyzing what worked and what didnt work in the pursuit of happiness.

Over this short time he completely regained his health and his discoveries are now taught as The Sedona Method. Lester discovered how to have happiness without sorrow by letting go of the self imposed limiting feelings that hold you back from living your life the way you want it to be.

4 How does it work?

The Sedona Method works by teaching you how to let go of the limiting feelings that are stopping you from being, doing or having what you want. This is done by asking a series of questions that allow you to drop the blocks to moving ahead. The questions are simple and are only meaningful once you know how to use them to access those feelings that are holding you back.

Its like learning any new skill; it all seems very obvious afterwards and almost too easy.

5 Is it worth your time learning The Sedona Method?

Only you can answer this question.

At the beginning of this page I told you about my background so that you will understand why I feel so strongly about the Sedona Method despite already having many valuable tools at my disposal.

For me the Sedona Method is the missing link. There are many ways to get motivated, loads of courses that show you how to set and go after goals but no other course that shows you how to easily get out of your own way and get ahead while having more happiness.

Decide for yourself and click below for a free tape and a complimentary email guide because you will also get a bundle of other goodies that will give you a taster of The Sedona Method.

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