Monday, September 06, 2004

Sedona Method for Happiness and Goal Attainment

I use releasing as a tool to enjoy my life more and to get what I want in the world. I find that the more I allow my BEingness to just be, the happier I am and the easier the game of life seems to be. And a growing feeling of oneness and love for all of life comes from somewhere inside of me. As well the sense of seperation from other people fades which is why for me the unrestrained ego is useful but only goes so far.When I am cultivating Ego I have a real sense of seperation and a cap on how much love I feel.

As my awareness expands or maybe it´s just my perceptions changing - I find that through meditation and releasing I tap into more of my creativity and inner resources, some would even use the word channel. Perhaps one can tap into the universal life force and make more of yourself by surrendering to something greater than yourself, whatever you want to call it.

Re to clarify re letting go of all limitations. What I mean is that if you release more and more of your self imposed limitations you will be able to get out of your own way. If you are 5 foot tall and very ambitious, you still might not be able to play basketball for a living but you may well become the best you can be at that sport.

When I mentioned letting go of all wanting, I was talking about wanting for nothing so that you could paradoxically have everything, if that is what you want to create. An inner focus on lack tends to expand lack in your life while also creating inner tension (motivation). You want, you feel tension, you achieve your goal and feel a release of tension because the lack is temporarily satisfied. And then the cycle starts over again.

I use releasing and the Silva Method to create the goal as already achieved in my mind. Then I let go of wanting it, and I can then do what it takes to create it without feeling tense, because I feel more certain of success, the quality of my actions is better and it comes across when I deal with people who in turn believe it will happen and so they contribute more.

Ultimately there may be a state of being where I can do the "sitting on my ass and just release technique" and the goal will be attained without any other effort on my part. If someone has consistently managed to do this and can prove it objectively then I´d love to hear from them. For me I release and take action and I believe that the having state rather than the wanting state helps me to be more effective, it may also bring about happy coincidences.

Clearing away all the desires helps me to see who I really am. The rest of the time I am so busy with doing and getting that I can seem to be just a gofer for some want.

Re wanting versus having when it comes to money. When I release into that havingness I get ideas about how to make more money and I also feel more satisfied with what I already have. I may spend a little more but nothing excessive.