Monday, September 06, 2004

Sedona Method As Part Of Your Daily Life

How to integrate releasing into your day...

Here is what I do.

1) Release specifically on going all the way with the Sedona Method i.e. let go of internal controls by the Ego that dictate whether and /or how you attain realisation.

2) When you wake up in the morning, while in that waking state, ask yourself :

Could you just allow yourself to feel what you are feeling?

Could you allow wanting control/security/approval to be completely present?

By starting the day in this way, I find it easier to maintain the momentum during the day.

3) During various activities as the day progresses, pay attention to how you feel in your body especially in your chest and stomach where relaxation or tension can often be detected more easily than elsewhere in the body.

Then just allow the feelings to be present, and let it go until you release to completion.

4) Read related material by spiritual masters. I have recently read Yogananda´s autobiography. He teached the same essential message that Lester Levenson taught i.e. this world is nothing more than a dream that we have not awakened from. And we can transcend it if we are disciplined and have the desire to do so.

Reading the thoughts of these masters stengthens my resolve to continue releasing for the long term. Yogananda used to meditate for hour upon hour everyday. That level of dedication is possible for us too if we are prepared to pay the price.

I think it is unreasonable to expect much from any spiritual or personal development philosophy unless you commit 100% to using it and making it part of who you are.

In my opinion, people who become seminar junkies are avoiding themselves, they choose to live in hope rather than living in the present moment. It takes courage to go all the way with the Sedona Method. What if you don´t get anywhere? What if it´s not what it claims to be? Let go of your fears and go all the way. Use the Method to make the most of the Method!

Anyone else with ideas? Please feel free to share what works for you. What works best for you in integrating the Method into your daily life?

Which do you prefer becoming free or the fantasy of being free?