Monday, September 06, 2004

Responsibility for the Big Bucks $$$$

I wanted to let you know what I have been up to this week...

I was listening to the Larry Crane tapes and stopped the tape when I got to the section on Responsibility (page 48 in the manual) to spend more time on that section.

Lester said that taking responsibility is both a powerful way to create abundance and a way to accelerate your releasing.

He suggested taking full responsibility for everything that is happening to you because you created it. Do this by examining your thinking and correcting it by letting go of the limitations you become aware of.

How? Ask yourself: wherein did I cause this to happen to me?

To apply this to abundance, ask yourself:

Wherein Did I Cause My Lack of Abundance?

I have been releasing on this question for an hour at a time each day this week and its amazing what is coming to the surface to be released.

Here are some of the issues that popped up for me to release and the deeper wanting I was seeking:
not wanting to stand out from the crowd - wanting approval
guilt about being rich when many people are poor - wanting control
holding back so as not to be too successful - wanting control
not applying all the knowledge I have - wanting control
afraid of losing what I accumulate - wanting security

I had no idea I had so many limiting thoughts stopping me from having abundance. Its incredible I managed to earn any money with the baggage I have in my unconscious mind!

The more I release on this question the clearer I am getting about the way ahead and the more determined I am to make my life more abundant in love, happiness and wealth.

In fact, right now I am angry about my lack of abundance whereas in the past I did´t really care. So clearly I have moved from Apathy to Anger after just a few hours of releasing.

Peace -- here I come!

Could it get any better?