Monday, September 06, 2004

Release to release - not to get when using the Sedona Method

A while back a friend pointed out that he gets the best results when he releases to let go rather than releasing to get something. It´s worth looking at this distinction more closely.

When do you most want to release? When you need or want something! Especially if things are not going your way, and at times like this you could not be more attached to wanting things to change. Consequently it is very easy to just get wound up trying harder and harder to have it all work out just the way you want it, just now. A great recipe for trying to release rather than releasing. i.e. putting your focus on the wanting and not on the letting go.

At times like this it´s good to release to let go of the limiting feelings and to leave the goal until later. Even release on the goal itself only allow your focus to be on getting lighter and freer not the goal itself. Use the goal as a signpost for your self imposed limitatations.

When you feel high you will then be more powerful in any releasing or actions you take towards goal attainment.

Could it get any better?