Monday, September 06, 2004

Having it NOW

I was listening to some tapes of Lester recently and he was pointing out that a lot of people make the mistake of not releasing to have their goals now - instead they release on having them in the future.

This results in the attainment of your goals staying in the future.

Think about a goal you have that has not manifested yet....

When you think about having this - when will that be?

If your sense of having it is in the future you may have resistance to having it now. Could you let the resistance go?

Goal setting is an integral part of the Sedona Method. If you want a refresher...
Wording a goal statement - 10 guidelines on page 45 of the course manual
Goal Chart - page 50 - release on goal
Action Steps - page 51 - release on "to do list"
Advantages and Disadvantages - page 96
Likes and Dislikes - page 38
I regard goal setting as a crucial part of the Sedona Method whether you want more happiness, love, abundance or freedom.

Could it get any better?