Thursday, September 16, 2004

Getting What You Want With The Release Technique

1. Re Larry Crane and 20 days to get what you want.

He says to check in and make sure you are hootless each day re the goal and if not go ahead and release to completion.

Keep releasing until you feel carefree and love re the goal. i.e. carefree rather than not caring.

2. I favour highly specific goals.


Because you are likely to get what you ask for - no more and no better.

Remember the posts recently about releasing to get a job. The person got one and doesn´t like it.

Ask for more! Not a job but a job you love and that pays $´000 or better.

So re finding a husband - ask for what you really want to ensure you don´t get what you don´t want.

3. Too many goals at once.

For me I would not make any progrees having such a long list of goals to release on at once. Maybe that will work for you.

It´s good to be aware of all that you want and maybe focus on one or two special goals for the moment.

4. Attaining your goals with no action on your part.

I believ it is possible when you become very advanced with releasing. I have had small and significant instances of it happening for me. Most of the time however I actually take action as well to get what I want.

Usually releasing allows me to think new and original thoughts that lead me to creative solutions and breakthroughs. I then act from a heightened sense of intuition with a very good sense of what needs to be done.

Could it get any better?