Monday, September 06, 2004

Future Perfect Sedona Method

What would it be like if you wanted for nothing whatsoever? If you had no attachments and no aversions to any events, any people or any feelings – what would be left? Just you!

That might actually be quite challenging for most of us to deal with. Western cultures are so caught up in striving, doing and being active that to simply just be can seem lazy and unacceptable. As a result of this you may have major resistance to letting go of the identity that comes with being a productive, active member of society. We can easily equate productivity with virtue without really assessing the value or quality of the contribution itself. Hamsters are very busy creatures!

When I step forward in time in my imagination to a time when I have let go of all limitations, I sense a reality untainted by the DISease of wantings and at the same time it seems very odd. I´m finding it useful and productive to just allow these feelings to be as I´m sure they could well be working away in the background otherwise, working to keep me in the comfort zones I already know.

Becoming more means letting go of what you already know. Make it easier for yourself by having a bright future to aim for, and then let go of it.

Could it get even better?