Thursday, September 30, 2004

Sedona Method Testimonials

The following testimonials represents just some of the benefits you can receive from the Sedona Method®. These are real testimonials received people who have benefited from the Sedona Method over the past quarter of a century. (extracted from the Sedona Method site)

Sedona Method Testimonial 1:

“I have looked into other methods of stress management before finding The Sedona Method, but have not discovered anything else so simple, powerful and rapidly effective. It is very exciting to observe changes occurring quite quickly which are clearly the result of releasing. The most appealing feature of the Method for me is that no belief system is imposed and people can use it completely on their own with great success.”…Dr. Louis Ormont, Professor of Psychology at Adelphi University

Sedona Method Testimonial 2:

"During a break on Dynasty, I decided to take part in The Sedona Method course. I was suffering from several stressful situations in my personal life, so I went to see if the Method really worked. It’s amazing how much more you can achieve if you get rid of frustration and anxiety in your daily life. It really works! The technique relieves stress and has been enormously useful to me." Joan Collins, Star of Dynasty and author of the book, "My Secrets"

Sedona Method Testimonial 3:

“I have in the past been given to somewhat hysterical types of reactions, in that I was quick to judge and often quick to anger. I now find myself much more in the present moment, much more able to just relax and have that sense of calm and peace. The more I experience the calm that the Sedona Method has helped me with, the easier it is to become aware of those reactions early on and just let go and not let things fester.”…C.D., Walla Walla, WA

Sedona Method Testimonial 4:

"I used the Sedona Method on my smoking and found that the anxiety that drove me to smoke was gone. I stopped smoking."…Paul Mendez, New York

Sedona Method Testimonial 5:

"The biggest gain I can report to you at this time is that the (Sedona) Method has allowed me to survive the collapse of my business. Soon after, I was able to secure a great job at a wonderful firm. It's made a believer out of me."…Graduate

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Larry Crane and The Release Technique - Success

FROM: Larry Crane of The Release Technique

I am writing to notify you about a development that I believe
is the greatest advancement in the history of behavioral

It is a way to dramatically show you how to have a constant
winning attitude, all the time, in anything you do. It is not
motivational psychology, physical therapy, positive thinking,
subliminal programming, meditation, or anything like that.

A few years ago, I started to teach my success system with
others, just like you, on how to succeed in the game of life.
Since then, hundreds of people have attended live courses
taught around the country.

I have kept in contact with many of the Graduates who
attended. The results have been Phenomenal!

Many graduates have doubled and tripled their income, became a
partner with their employer, climbed the corporate ladder,
retired wealthy, gained a competitive edge, taken charge of
their lives, overcome serious problems, gotten a clear
direction in life.

They have gone into business for themselves and are doing
spectacularly well! They have moved into brand new homes and
have gotten better jobs, become healthier.

The momentum has been wonderful and it’’s spreading. It is my
intent to have you be successful in everything you do in life!

Now become a winner in the game of life

For years I kept looking and looking for the answers, then I
met a remarkable man. That meeting changed my life forever. He
told me, "You have no limits except those you hold on to in
your mind and when you let go of these limits you can have, do
or be whatever you desire."

At that time it sounded great but I thought "how could this be
true?" I decided to prove it out for myself.

So, I sat down and examined my thinking; I made a list of
everything in life that I wanted.

The list of wants was long and I noticed the things I wanted
were everything I didn’t have. How could I correct my
thinking? I was holding in mind all these limitations.

At the top of my list of wants was being a great success in
life. I wanted money and lots of it. Yet, I was working six
days a week, 12-hour days and barely feeding my family. I was
busy working instead of have a life.

I then made a list of all the reasons why I wasn’’t achieving
the success that I felt I deserved. The list was long. I felt
guilty, angry, confused, fearful, apathetic, and I felt a lot
of insecurity.

The answers came to me...

It was like somebody hit me over the head with a baseball bat.
For the first time in my life I realized that...

. . . It was my own negative emotions that were actually
stopping me from achieving the success that I wanted.

So, I decided to see if I could rid myself of these limited
thoughts and feelings that were keeping me from attaining
success in life.

To my amazement, I discovered that I had a natural ability to
release these limiting thoughts and feelings. I was able to
rid myself of guilt, fear, beating myself up, confusion,
apathy, poor self image, my lack of self-confidence,
insecurity and more.

The systems works and it's simple

The system was so simple I wondered if anyone would believe
me. So I decided to prove to the world that I could use the
system to make a bundle of money.

A short time later I became a self-made millionaire, my
relations started to work, I met and married the most
gorgeous gal.

I bought a ten-room penthouse in Manhattan, a 160 acre ranch
in Arizona and everything I turned to became successful with
ease and most of all, I became the embodiment of unchangeable
peace and happiness.

It's easy to show you how to have abundance because the
ability to have abundance is already there, in you.

Over 50,000 other people have already proven this out. In
fact, until recently all the people that we’’ve helped have
come to us through word of mouth. Can you imagine
thousands of people coming to you by word of mouth only?

After scientifically proving that this system works for
everyone who learns it, my only wish is to have as many people
as possible learn how to have abundance with ease.

A System Scientifically Verified by Harvard and Columbia
University Researchers...

Researchers Dr. David McClelland of Harvard University and Dr.
Richard Davidson of the State University of New York have
found "The Release Technique stands out far beyond
the rest for its simplicity, efficiency, absence of
questionable concepts and rapidity of observable results."

Read what practicing psychiatrist John L. Kemeny, M.D., and
former associate of Albert Einstein and retired professor at
New York's Columbia University said:

The Release Technique is a profound breakthrough in the
history of behavioral science. The Release Technique liberates
the subconscious mind and allows one to rid themselves of
negativity at any level.

The work that Larry Crane is teaching is a major breakthrough
in the field of behavioral science. By participating
experientially, you will reach a place where
nothing and no one will ever bother you again.

A place where you can eliminate all of your I can'ts and turn
them into I can's. I have used the Release Technique myself
for over 20 years successfully. I highly recommend it to
anyone who wants to overcome their limitations and lower their
stress level with ease.


To get more details and the fr*e newsletter go to:

Have Fun,


P.S. Here is what one Release Technique graduate had to say:

I think it is becoming evident, in my observation, that the
techniques learned in the program were beneficial to people
who work under the stress and strain that we do in the
investment banking industry. I have personally benefited,
especially when I ran in the New York City Marathon shortly
after an illness.

Thomas J. Kitrick, New York - V.P., Training and Development,
Goldman, Sachs & Co.

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Sedona Training Associates - Tell Me More!

From the Sedona Method site:

"Sedona Training Associates is an educational training organization created to continue fulfilling Lester Levenson’s wish to share the practical and powerful methods he discovered for removing an individual’s personal blocks to abundance, health, happiness, and success.

Many thousands of people from all walks of life worldwide have benefited from this work during the almost three-decade history of the Sedona Method Course. Sedona Training Associates currently offers seminars throughout the US, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Eastern and Western Europe, and Japan. It also publishes tape programs that are distributed worldwide. In addition, the organization publishes a quarterly newsletter, Release, and maintains a website:"

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Who is Hale Dwoskin?

From The Sedona Method site:

"HALE DWOSKIN is the author of the New York Times Best Seller The Sedona Method: Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success, Peace and Emotional Well-being He is the CEO and Director of Training of Sedona Training Associates, an organization headquartered in Sedona, Arizona.

He co-founded the company in 1996 to teach courses based on the emotional releasing techniques originated by his mentor Lester Levenson. Hale Dwoskin is an international speaker and featured faculty member at Esalen and the Omega Institute.

For the last quarter century, Hale Dwoskin has regularly been teaching the Sedona Method to individuals and at corporations throughout the United States and the United Kingdom, and leading facilitator trainings and advanced retreats since the early 1990's. Hale Dwoskin is also the co-author of Happiness Is Free: And Its Easier than You Think (a five-book series)."

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Friday, September 24, 2004

How the Sedona Method works

The way releasing with the sedona method works still surprises me some times.

A few weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon I released for an hour on happiness using this polarity:

Welcome resistance to being happy
Welcome resistance to being unhappy

After I finished the session I felt very happy and very energetic with a wonderful sense of peace. And to my surprise I spent the next three hours tidying up part of the house I let become chaotic over the last five years.

In the past my fear would have been that if I get "too" happy I will get lazy and waste my life. I still need to remind myself that I am a human being and not a human doing!

Releasing changes the quality of your experience - you can do from a state of lack and unease or you can do from a state of happiness. And the more you release the clearer you get on what you do want to do and on what you really do not want to do. You can then eliminate a lot of unimportant activity.

Before enlightenment, chopping wood and carrying water. After enlightenment, chopping wood and carrying water.....

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Lester Levenson on Happiness with the Sedona Method

What is the one thing you want more than anything else for the
people you love the most? If you had a magic wand what would you
grant your family and friends? What is it that everyone wants?

To be happy!

How can you make other people happy until you are happy? How can
you be happy?

Lester Levenson, creator of The Sedona Method, discovered the key
to happiness. He searched for 47 years and nearly died in the
process but he did find it.

Do you want to know what it is?

Lester had a breakthrough after much soul searching and found out
how to be happy only after reviewing his entire life. He spotted
a common pattern, one that was present in every happy moment.

Whenever he was feeling love towards another person he felt happy.
And whenever he felt any other feeling he was not happy.

Test this principle for yourself. Think of a time when you were
blissfully happy. Did you feel loving at that time? This works for
me every time. Is this easy or what? Simply amazing!

If this sounds too simple to work I know that you have not tested
it for yourself. Turning on a light bulb is easy too only because
someone else figured it out!

- who do I love most in my life?
- what do I love most about myself?
- what things do I love most in my life?

After doing this exercise you will feel much happier. And you
will have done it without having to spend any money on expensive
clothes, cars or holidays!

The Dalai Lama teaches that the purpose of life is to be happy.
Go on and live a life of purpose with your family and friends!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Who was Lester Levenson? Sedona Method Founder...

People wonder who Lester Levenson was? Was Lester an ordinary man who had an extraordinary life? Or maybe Lester Levenson was an extraordinary man all along!

Read this extract from the release technique site to find out...

(I added my comments in brackets.)

Lester Levenson was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, on July 19, 1909, to Jewish emigrant parents.

He grew up much loved, doted on by his parents and three sisters. Yet his predominant characteristic was shyness. He was extremely withdrawn and introspective, constantly wondering what this life was about. His parents were not really religious but his grandfathers on both sides were holy people, rabbis. Lester Levenson was 21 when his beloved mother and father died. He refused to say the prayer for the dead. "Will that bring them back? If it does, I'll say it." Then defiantly he turned away from God.

(so Lester was really like most of us, an ordinary childhood with the typical challenges, ups and downs, and a good background.)

Lester Levenson sailed through school and college with astonishing ease, becoming a physicist, an engineer, a successful businessman and a self-made millionaire. Yet despite all his achievements there was an innate turmoil in his heart, an anxiety and stress that seemed to rule his life.

(we can all relate to the stress and pressure we take on as we get older, thankfully Lester found the answer to this age old challenge)

In 1952, at the age of 42, Lester Levenson had his second massive heart attack. In those days, they did not have bypass surgery or heart transplants and so when he came out of the emergency room, the doctors told him, "Lester, we're sorry to tell you, but you have two weeks to live, three at the most, and we can't do anything for you. So we're sending you home."

So Lester Levenson went home.

He was extremely fearful of dying, but he said to himself, "You're still breathing, Lester; there is still a chance." Then he sat down and began thinking around-the-clock. He had always been considered a brilliant man. Always on the honor roll. The recipient of a four-year scholarship to Rutgers University back in the days when few scholarships were handed out. But he said to himself, "Lester, you are stupid, stupid, stupid! All this accumulated knowledge, all this intellect has gotten you to the place that you're a dead man! And if you don't uncover what's in the way, eliminate it, you're going to die!"

(at this point how many of us would give up and assume the game is over. Lester had some serious motivation though - if he could figure it out he might continue to live - a very big reason to try!)

Being a physicist, he knew he had to go back to the drawing board, wipe the slate clean, and start from point zero. So he started to examine his life. He noticed that each time he was ill he was wanting something and that the intense wanting feelings were what was actually making him miserable. He wanted love, he wanted money, he wanted to change things, and every time he looked at that wanting, he had an uncomfortable feeling that he traced back to his illness. Then he noticed that whenever he was giving and loving and wasn't wanting anything, he was not ill. So, he asked himself, "Well, if I could get rid of all my non-loving feelings, would I get better?" He thought about this question and uncovered something that was startling to him at the time.

(Lester Levenson was on the verge of the breakthrough here)

He noticed that WHEN HE WAS LOVING he was happiest. That happiness equated to being loving rather than being loved.

That was a starting point. He asked himself if he could cure his illnesses this way. So, he began directing all of his thoughts and feelings in that direction—from that of "wanting to be loved," to that of "loving." He examined all his relationships and he let go of all of his non-loving feelings from the past. In that process he made another shocking discovery: He saw that he wanted to change the entire world and that was the cause of all his ailments, making him a slave to this world. He decided to reverse that by actually unloading the subconscious concepts and pressures and by taking responsibility for everything happening in his life. At this point he discovered that limitations were only concepts in our minds and can easily be dropped. He realized that God is within us all, that we are infinite beings with no limitations. With that realization, he became happier: freer, lighter and with an overall sense of well-being.

(imagine that - the secret to happiness, where else has it been explained at all? Where else has it been explained in such simple terms: See how attainable it really is!)

Later on he would say: "We are all gods acting like goddamned fools."

Months went by and Lester Levenson still wasn't dead. He hardly went to sleep, he ate a little bit, and he continued to work on himself. He corrected his physical body. All of his miseries dropped away and he found himself in a place in which he was happy all the time, without sorrow. He totally cured himself.

More than that, Lester Levenson unlocked the science of the mind: How the mind works, what to do about it and how to correct it. How to correct your thinking. How to call up the menu of your mind, take a look at this menu and eliminate what you don't want.

Lester Levenson was a giving person—one thousand percent! He spent the remainder of his life helping others discover this secret that he had unlocked for himself.

He passed on in 1994 at the age of 84— 42 years after being told he had two to three weeks to live!

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At the releasing club we use releasing - the approach Lester Levenson discovered. The very same Sedona Method Lester Levenson released to the world.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Goal Manifestation with the Sedona Method

How can you manifest your goals more quickly and easily?

When you hold the goal vividly in mind you can create it FAST. Of course make sure to let go completely until you feel hootless.

Now, start small.

Bigger goals typically have more limitations for you to let go of. Otherwise you´d already have them. When you start small you´ll have validation that releasing does work and your belief system will change and at this point it is easier to aim higher.

Release to manifest $1, release to make one great new friend, release to feel a little happier, release to release!

Could it get any better?


Thursday, September 16, 2004

Getting What You Want With The Release Technique

1. Re Larry Crane and 20 days to get what you want.

He says to check in and make sure you are hootless each day re the goal and if not go ahead and release to completion.

Keep releasing until you feel carefree and love re the goal. i.e. carefree rather than not caring.

2. I favour highly specific goals.


Because you are likely to get what you ask for - no more and no better.

Remember the posts recently about releasing to get a job. The person got one and doesn´t like it.

Ask for more! Not a job but a job you love and that pays $´000 or better.

So re finding a husband - ask for what you really want to ensure you don´t get what you don´t want.

3. Too many goals at once.

For me I would not make any progrees having such a long list of goals to release on at once. Maybe that will work for you.

It´s good to be aware of all that you want and maybe focus on one or two special goals for the moment.

4. Attaining your goals with no action on your part.

I believ it is possible when you become very advanced with releasing. I have had small and significant instances of it happening for me. Most of the time however I actually take action as well to get what I want.

Usually releasing allows me to think new and original thoughts that lead me to creative solutions and breakthroughs. I then act from a heightened sense of intuition with a very good sense of what needs to be done.

Could it get any better?


Friday, September 10, 2004

A Letter from Lester age 84

Almost forty years ago with my back to the wall and with only three months to live, I was forced to search for the answers to life. I decided to ask myself what it is we all want, and the answer came to me. We all want to be happy!

I had spent my entire life, looking for happiness and security in making money, having personal relationships and keeping busy. But, I only achieved happiness for short periods of time. Somehow happiness still eluded me.

I wondered, how could I get all the things I want and be happy all the time, too?

Most of the great philosophers have told us that our basic inherent nature is happiness. So what is it that happens that causes us to lose what is already ours? The answer is: Our feelings cover up our happiness and keep it hidden from us.

The key to securing the happiness that is yours . . . forever . . . is to discover how to discharge the negative feelings you've accumulated. By discharging these negative feelings, you will not only increase the happiness in your life, but everything else will get better too! Money, health, relationships, looks, you name it!

It's so simple and it’s the one answer you've been looking for.

Please give us the opportunity to share this with you. You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING TO GAIN.


Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Larry Crane - Release Technique Story: What would it be like if you were unable to worry?

Larry Crane - Release Technique Story...

Imagine feeling secure about the future and looking forward
to it with an excitement you have not felt since you were a
child. (This is the Larry Crane - Release Technique Story)

What I am going to talk about today is not for everyone...

It is true, the Release Technique Story of Larry Crane.

If you are open minded and of at least average intelligence
the following information could lead you to the most
important breakthrough of your entire life....

If you are as busy as me -- you know that making your life
better sometimes takes a back seat to dealing with that
never ending list of things to do that never gets done.

This is why as the UPS driver handed me the package and as
I signed his electonic pad -- I honestly did not know when
I would get a chance to listen to the potentially life
changing information I now held in my hands.

Later that evening...

I switched off the PC, ignored the TV and the phone... and
ripped open the first set of tapes.

Although some of what I listened to was familiar -- a lot
of it was totally different to anything I have ever heard.

This course produced by Larry Crane, a self made
millionaire, offers a new and refreshing alternative to
getting what you want whether that be greater happiness,
more confidence or greater success... and it works.

But first.

Let me tell you about Larry...

Larry was a very successful business man. He was
written up in the business press, including TIME magazine,
and made millions for himself.

And he had the luxury cars and planes, an expensive home and
he could buy whatever he wanted.


He was extremely unhappy. In fact he was miserable and
hated his life. And he was angry and totally stressed out.

One night he even considered jumping off the roof terrace
of his 10 room Manhattan penthouse apartment. For about two
hours he contemplated jumping.

He didn´t.

This was a TURNING POINT and put him on a search for a way
to succeed and be happy without feeling stressed out,
worried and anxious.

His quest lead him to Lester Levenson and The Release

Let me tell you what I have gained already from listening
to this unusual course:

What Have I got from the Release Technique?

1. I Stopped Worrying

Like most people I have a knack for worrying about what
might go wrong. Even though I make a point of being

I can still have a few worrying thoughts working away in
the back of my mind that stop me from feeling total peace
of mind.

After listening to tape 4B its as if my worrying program
has short circuited. I feel secure about the future in a
way I never have before.

All of that negative thinking that used to tire me out and
leave me feeling anxious has evaporated.

And if I want to give this new state of mind even more
energy I can simply listen to this tape again anytime I

2. I Feel Happier.

Even after listening to the first 5 tapes of this 10 tape
package I felt happier. All I did was follow along and do
the exercises under Larry´s guidance and things started to
feel different.

I feel lighter and more at ease with myself.

I notice myself smiling for no reason whatsoever. And when
you think about it shouldn´t this be true for all of us.

3. Problems Seem Less of a Challenge

Problems don´t seem so overwhelming and I have a new sense
of possibility. Whatever I put my mind to I can achieve.

I can think more clearly and find new and better solutions
to whatever challenges I am facing. This alone has given me
a whole new sense of what is possible.

4. I Approve of Myself More

I already knew that when it comes to having more success
that money does not motivate me once I have enough.

After completing the course it hit me. What I really want
by succeeding is the approval and respect of my role models.

And ironically this craving approval stops me from giving
100% Why? Because I am afraid I won´t get it.

The solution? Let go of wanting this approval.

I have been doing this for the past two days and I have had
the most productive week I have had in months and with less
EFFORT. It feels like I am in the flow...

I am making better decisions, taking less time to get
things done and not holding back when it comes to really
excelling with my work.

Imagine feeling like this every day!

You can...

Take a look at the Release Technique site and see what you

You can listen to some fascinating audio recordings and
discover why this breakthrough technique is used by the
rich and famous including:

- Joan Collins, actress

- Norman Vincent Peale, Author, The Power of Positive

- Sally Jesse Raphael, TV Talk Show Hostess

- Britt Eklund, actress

- Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia

- Laura Dern, actress

- Diane Ladd, actress

There is also a fr*e newsletter you can sign up for at:

Have Fun,


Did you enjoy the Larry Crane - Release Technique Story

Monday, September 06, 2004

Sedona Method Polarities

Over the weekend I was thinking about how I always seem to want more. I learn some great material like releasing and then I immediately want more results, more peace, and even more flashes of insight. It´s never enough!

So, inspired by the recent discussions on polarities and holistic releasing, I decided to create a set of polarities to deal with this. Here´s what I came up with:

Greed - Gratitude

Could you allow yourself to be as greedy as you are?
Could you allow yourself to be as grateful as you are?

Could you allow yourself to feel as much greed as you do?
Could you allow yourself to feel as much gratitude as you do?

I released on these polarities a lot over the weekend, and even as I type this there is more to release so I seem to have found a really charged issue.

What do you think? Even if the opposite of greed is not gratitude I decided to go ahead in the manner described above because it resonated for me.

Which would you rather - more freedom or more restriction?


Sedona Method As Part Of Your Daily Life

How to integrate releasing into your day...

Here is what I do.

1) Release specifically on going all the way with the Sedona Method i.e. let go of internal controls by the Ego that dictate whether and /or how you attain realisation.

2) When you wake up in the morning, while in that waking state, ask yourself :

Could you just allow yourself to feel what you are feeling?

Could you allow wanting control/security/approval to be completely present?

By starting the day in this way, I find it easier to maintain the momentum during the day.

3) During various activities as the day progresses, pay attention to how you feel in your body especially in your chest and stomach where relaxation or tension can often be detected more easily than elsewhere in the body.

Then just allow the feelings to be present, and let it go until you release to completion.

4) Read related material by spiritual masters. I have recently read Yogananda´s autobiography. He teached the same essential message that Lester Levenson taught i.e. this world is nothing more than a dream that we have not awakened from. And we can transcend it if we are disciplined and have the desire to do so.

Reading the thoughts of these masters stengthens my resolve to continue releasing for the long term. Yogananda used to meditate for hour upon hour everyday. That level of dedication is possible for us too if we are prepared to pay the price.

I think it is unreasonable to expect much from any spiritual or personal development philosophy unless you commit 100% to using it and making it part of who you are.

In my opinion, people who become seminar junkies are avoiding themselves, they choose to live in hope rather than living in the present moment. It takes courage to go all the way with the Sedona Method. What if you don´t get anywhere? What if it´s not what it claims to be? Let go of your fears and go all the way. Use the Method to make the most of the Method!

Anyone else with ideas? Please feel free to share what works for you. What works best for you in integrating the Method into your daily life?

Which do you prefer becoming free or the fantasy of being free?


Sedona Method for Happiness and Goal Attainment

I use releasing as a tool to enjoy my life more and to get what I want in the world. I find that the more I allow my BEingness to just be, the happier I am and the easier the game of life seems to be. And a growing feeling of oneness and love for all of life comes from somewhere inside of me. As well the sense of seperation from other people fades which is why for me the unrestrained ego is useful but only goes so far.When I am cultivating Ego I have a real sense of seperation and a cap on how much love I feel.

As my awareness expands or maybe it´s just my perceptions changing - I find that through meditation and releasing I tap into more of my creativity and inner resources, some would even use the word channel. Perhaps one can tap into the universal life force and make more of yourself by surrendering to something greater than yourself, whatever you want to call it.

Re to clarify re letting go of all limitations. What I mean is that if you release more and more of your self imposed limitations you will be able to get out of your own way. If you are 5 foot tall and very ambitious, you still might not be able to play basketball for a living but you may well become the best you can be at that sport.

When I mentioned letting go of all wanting, I was talking about wanting for nothing so that you could paradoxically have everything, if that is what you want to create. An inner focus on lack tends to expand lack in your life while also creating inner tension (motivation). You want, you feel tension, you achieve your goal and feel a release of tension because the lack is temporarily satisfied. And then the cycle starts over again.

I use releasing and the Silva Method to create the goal as already achieved in my mind. Then I let go of wanting it, and I can then do what it takes to create it without feeling tense, because I feel more certain of success, the quality of my actions is better and it comes across when I deal with people who in turn believe it will happen and so they contribute more.

Ultimately there may be a state of being where I can do the "sitting on my ass and just release technique" and the goal will be attained without any other effort on my part. If someone has consistently managed to do this and can prove it objectively then I´d love to hear from them. For me I release and take action and I believe that the having state rather than the wanting state helps me to be more effective, it may also bring about happy coincidences.

Clearing away all the desires helps me to see who I really am. The rest of the time I am so busy with doing and getting that I can seem to be just a gofer for some want.

Re wanting versus having when it comes to money. When I release into that havingness I get ideas about how to make more money and I also feel more satisfied with what I already have. I may spend a little more but nothing excessive.

Future Perfect Sedona Method

What would it be like if you wanted for nothing whatsoever? If you had no attachments and no aversions to any events, any people or any feelings – what would be left? Just you!

That might actually be quite challenging for most of us to deal with. Western cultures are so caught up in striving, doing and being active that to simply just be can seem lazy and unacceptable. As a result of this you may have major resistance to letting go of the identity that comes with being a productive, active member of society. We can easily equate productivity with virtue without really assessing the value or quality of the contribution itself. Hamsters are very busy creatures!

When I step forward in time in my imagination to a time when I have let go of all limitations, I sense a reality untainted by the DISease of wantings and at the same time it seems very odd. I´m finding it useful and productive to just allow these feelings to be as I´m sure they could well be working away in the background otherwise, working to keep me in the comfort zones I already know.

Becoming more means letting go of what you already know. Make it easier for yourself by having a bright future to aim for, and then let go of it.

Could it get even better?


Release to release - not to get when using the Sedona Method

A while back a friend pointed out that he gets the best results when he releases to let go rather than releasing to get something. It´s worth looking at this distinction more closely.

When do you most want to release? When you need or want something! Especially if things are not going your way, and at times like this you could not be more attached to wanting things to change. Consequently it is very easy to just get wound up trying harder and harder to have it all work out just the way you want it, just now. A great recipe for trying to release rather than releasing. i.e. putting your focus on the wanting and not on the letting go.

At times like this it´s good to release to let go of the limiting feelings and to leave the goal until later. Even release on the goal itself only allow your focus to be on getting lighter and freer not the goal itself. Use the goal as a signpost for your self imposed limitatations.

When you feel high you will then be more powerful in any releasing or actions you take towards goal attainment.

Could it get any better?


Sedona Method Tips - What you don´t want

Sedona Method tips...

The sedona method is all about getting what you want and dropping the holding in mind of what you don´t want. Read on for sedona method tips.

Have you noticed that you don´t always get what you want? Why? Because you have so many limiting beliefs and expectations - these nullify the occasional effort to focus on a positive outcome.

I have been getting into the habit of noticing what I don´t want, and each time one pops up I realise that for one reason or another I am setting myself up to attract negatives and difficulties. i.e. limitations.

Ask yourself:

What is it that I do not want to happen?

What am I worried about?

What am I afraid will happen?

Then let it all go. You´ll enjoy the peace of mind and maybe even have ideas that will propel forward towards what you really want.

Could it get any better?


Come back soon for more sedona method tips!

Sedona Method Shopping Tips

One thing I have noticed lately is that the more I release the less desire I have for those things that I don´t really want when I am out shopping. That cloud of wanton desire just lifts and I can clearly assess whether or not I really want to buy the object in front of me.

Next time you are shopping, pause when you get caught up in that gimmee gimmee feeling and release first BEFORE heading over to the sales assistant with your credit credit.

Here´s what I do. When I´m in a shop considering buying something, I will just allow myself to feel whatever it is that I´m feeling in the moment. After a few moments the mental fog will lift.

Then I´ll decide if I really want the item- If I do I´ll get it although a lot of the time it´s just a feeling that I want rather than something outside of myself, and I ´ll have just got it by releasing!

Warning signs for me include that greedy feeling, that gimmee it now feeling or that sense that the item will really impress other people.

Could it get any better?


Sedona Method Newbie Guide

This posting is for you if you are looking to find out more about The Sedona Method. I will do my best to answer the following questions for you:

1 What is The Sedona Method?

2 Does it really work?

3 Who developed the Sedona Method and why?

4 How does it work?

5 Is it worth your time learning The Sedona Method?

Before I answer these questions I think it is important to tell you a little about my background and why I set up this site.

From an early age I found it fascinating that you could develop your mind and learn how to make your life better. The first course I ever took was The Silva Method, which was excellent and it got me off to a great start with personal development.

From there I continued to read anything good that I could get my hands on and I quickly realized that there are only so many principles to learn - after that you need to apply these principles daily in your life. So I did.

Life got better especially after I trained in NLP, that really boosted my confidence in what was possible and I got better and better at getting what I wanted in my life.

I started to earn a lot more money than ever before and I also started to find lots of new friends on the same wavelength which was great fun.

The next big jump in my happiness and success came after I became a Reiki healer. Reiki is very powerful and it gives you a heightened sensitivity to life and to the vibes that people give off.

When I was in a business meeting I could almost feel how the other people felt about the business of the day. And when I would meet someone for the first time, in those first few seconds I could feel their pain, their humanity and what they were really like as a person. What they said later in words would only confirm these strong intuitive impressions.

At this point you might be thinking - why am I telling you all this? Im telling you so that you know what my background is and so that you understand what experiences I already had when I first heard about The Sedona Method. Later on this will make more sense when you read about my first impressions of The Sedona Method.

Back to our story!

O.K. At this stage I was becoming more and more successful in my career and in my personal life. I was making a lot more money than ever before with a lot less effort and in my free time I had plenty of great friends that I enjoyed spending time with.

One morning I was driving to work in heavy traffic as usual. The office was only 15 miles from where I lived and I needed to allow 50 minutes to make sure I got to the office on time. Only this day was different - I was driving to work in a brand new Mercedes. Great eh?

The fact is I wasnt really enjoying myself. I was stressed out at work, I was really tired of endless traffic jams and the truth was that despite all the money I really didnt want to do this job anymore.

Unless I was happy at work all the other stuff meant very little to me. I decided it was time to work for myself so I stashed away some more money and left two months later. I have been self-employed ever since.

Why did I learn The Sedona Method?

A few months down the road I was still stressed much to my amazement and disappointment! I used all the tools I already knew and I felt a little better but still this new lifestyle without a salary coming in was very hard to adjust to.

I opened the mail one morning and read a mailing about The Sedona Method. It sounded like exactly what I was looking for even though I didnt understand what it was or how it worked.

A few hours later I was walking out of the house to go for a walk when I went back in to order the Sedona Method tapes. That intuition that I talked about earlier was screaming - get this now!

My first impressions were very positive. The system was very easy to learn and it felt great. I started to feel more in control of my life and happier and more at peace than I had in a long time. I had a feeling conviction that everything would work out jut fine, and it did.

I have now been using The Sedona Method for over 3 years and it seems to get better the more you use it. One caveat. You must use it each day. If you use it once and then expect your life to be better youll be setting yourself up for disappointment. It is designed to be part of how you live and to be used daily.

Now that you know what got me to the point of buying the Sedona Method, let us take a look at each of the questions above.

1 What is The Sedona Method?

Its a way to let go of limiting feelings that hold us back in life.

Many spiritual teachers talk about the importance of knowing what you want and then letting go of the desire. The problem is they dont always tell you HOW to let go! And until you do let go, making progress can be difficult, stressful and painfully slow. It can be like driving with the handbrake on.

Feelings like frustration, hate, envy, greed, fear and anger are part of day to day life for so many of us and they leave you tired and worn out by the end of the day.

Instead, if you know how, you could just let go of these feelings and enjoy feeling at peace and happy. The Sedona Method shows you a simple practical way to do this.

2 Does it really work?

I set up this site - the Sedona Method releasing Club way back on October 31st 1999 because of how impressed I am with The Sedona Method. If you look back over the several pages of postings at this discussion board you will read many, many accounts of how releasing works for me...and you will also read of how other people have successfully used it in their lives.

Click on Message Board in the left hand column of this page to go to the discussion board. You can then read these postings for yourself.
From my experience it does work if you work it! However nothing will happen if buy the best tools available and leave them in storage.

3 Who developed the Sedona Method and why?

Lester Levenson developed the Sedona Method. In 1952 at the age of 42 Lester suffered a massive heart attack and was so weak after he recovered that his doctor warned him that even the slightest effort could kill him. He was ordered to go home to his penthouse in New York and to rest.

Feeling deflated and very afraid of dying, Lester had a lot of time to sit and think about his life and to reflect on his success in life. He quickly realized that he had been a failure. Although he had made a lot of money and done well in business he had never really been happy. What had been the point in working so hard if he had destroyed his health in the process and if he was still unhappy?

He reasoned that if he could figure out how to be happy he might find the reasons why his health had been so poor. So he spent three months sitting alone in his penthouse endlessly analyzing what worked and what didnt work in the pursuit of happiness.

Over this short time he completely regained his health and his discoveries are now taught as The Sedona Method. Lester discovered how to have happiness without sorrow by letting go of the self imposed limiting feelings that hold you back from living your life the way you want it to be.

4 How does it work?

The Sedona Method works by teaching you how to let go of the limiting feelings that are stopping you from being, doing or having what you want. This is done by asking a series of questions that allow you to drop the blocks to moving ahead. The questions are simple and are only meaningful once you know how to use them to access those feelings that are holding you back.

Its like learning any new skill; it all seems very obvious afterwards and almost too easy.

5 Is it worth your time learning The Sedona Method?

Only you can answer this question.

At the beginning of this page I told you about my background so that you will understand why I feel so strongly about the Sedona Method despite already having many valuable tools at my disposal.

For me the Sedona Method is the missing link. There are many ways to get motivated, loads of courses that show you how to set and go after goals but no other course that shows you how to easily get out of your own way and get ahead while having more happiness.

Decide for yourself and click below for a free tape and a complimentary email guide because you will also get a bundle of other goodies that will give you a taster of The Sedona Method.

Click here for a free Sedona Method tape/CD:

Resisting and Getting

just wanted to take a moment to share some learnings and recent experiences.

On Sunday I felt like things were not working out very well in my business, I had launched a promotional campaign last week and had not got anywhere near the results I expected and hoped for.

I spent quite a lot of time analysing what was working and not working. I wondered why my results were not better. Then I got nowhere trying to figure out what to do next.

So, I put on my Light & Sound machine and spent two 35 minute sessions in a state of deep relaxation releasing on my resistance to having things work out well. I certainly felt a lot beter after doing this - less stressed and worried and a lot more optimistic that somehow things would work out. I didn´t feel completely at peace but a lot better.

Still, I didn´t have any new solutions pop into my head as I sometimes do after releasing.

Then Sunday I found some material online that answers a lot of the issues I need a strategy for. Finally yesterday I stumbled onto exactly what I need right now to get the results I want!

Moral of this story - thinking and reasoning will only get you so far, releasing is the missing link that lets you tap into the collective unconscious and its storehouse of knowledge.

Could it get any better?


Releasing Blue Light

I spent an hour last night releasing on one question:

Which would you rather - wanting security or having security?

For most of that time until the last five minutes the answer that popped up was wanting security and then at the end it changed to having security. And all of the time I was releasing deeply with deep breathing happening all by itself.

I had my eyes closed. What was interesting was the images that came with this shift.

I started imagining a strong dark blue colour radiating out from my chest to my entire body and then away from me as I exhaled.

Afterwards I felt a sense of deep peace.

Has anyone else had a similar experience and seen colours when you release?


"No!" is an acceptable response

Today I was releasing on a minor irritation where I did not get my way with a friend.

I started releasing and I wanted a Yes response to the could you, would you questions. And I was forcing the answers so I got stuck. I was also releasing to get something rather than to let it go!!

Once I allowed to answer to be No! ... if that is what was to come up - the releasing went fine.

Note to myself: release to let go not to get something and No is an acceptable response

Could it get any better?


Sedona Method Tips - Why Did X Happen?

One recurring theme of Sedona Method students is the need to understand why X happened.

Releasing is all about letting go of feelings. That´s it! Letting go has nothing to do with peeking into your past to figure out why something happened.

Ironically, if you will just release on the past - insights may well pop up out of the blue.

Look at it another way, how many years have you spent attempting to figure it out? It didn´t get you to where you want to be or you wouldn´t be reading this message and learning how to release.

Looking forward. Keep releasing as simple as possible and do it daily and you will enjoy massive progress.

Could it get any better?


Responsibility for the Big Bucks $$$$

I wanted to let you know what I have been up to this week...

I was listening to the Larry Crane tapes and stopped the tape when I got to the section on Responsibility (page 48 in the manual) to spend more time on that section.

Lester said that taking responsibility is both a powerful way to create abundance and a way to accelerate your releasing.

He suggested taking full responsibility for everything that is happening to you because you created it. Do this by examining your thinking and correcting it by letting go of the limitations you become aware of.

How? Ask yourself: wherein did I cause this to happen to me?

To apply this to abundance, ask yourself:

Wherein Did I Cause My Lack of Abundance?

I have been releasing on this question for an hour at a time each day this week and its amazing what is coming to the surface to be released.

Here are some of the issues that popped up for me to release and the deeper wanting I was seeking:
not wanting to stand out from the crowd - wanting approval
guilt about being rich when many people are poor - wanting control
holding back so as not to be too successful - wanting control
not applying all the knowledge I have - wanting control
afraid of losing what I accumulate - wanting security

I had no idea I had so many limiting thoughts stopping me from having abundance. Its incredible I managed to earn any money with the baggage I have in my unconscious mind!

The more I release on this question the clearer I am getting about the way ahead and the more determined I am to make my life more abundant in love, happiness and wealth.

In fact, right now I am angry about my lack of abundance whereas in the past I did´t really care. So clearly I have moved from Apathy to Anger after just a few hours of releasing.

Peace -- here I come!

Could it get any better?


Having it NOW

I was listening to some tapes of Lester recently and he was pointing out that a lot of people make the mistake of not releasing to have their goals now - instead they release on having them in the future.

This results in the attainment of your goals staying in the future.

Think about a goal you have that has not manifested yet....

When you think about having this - when will that be?

If your sense of having it is in the future you may have resistance to having it now. Could you let the resistance go?

Goal setting is an integral part of the Sedona Method. If you want a refresher...
Wording a goal statement - 10 guidelines on page 45 of the course manual
Goal Chart - page 50 - release on goal
Action Steps - page 51 - release on "to do list"
Advantages and Disadvantages - page 96
Likes and Dislikes - page 38
I regard goal setting as a crucial part of the Sedona Method whether you want more happiness, love, abundance or freedom.

Could it get any better?


Sedona Method - Miracles May Take Time

When you read Sedona Method or Release Technique success stories it is easy to feel like you are doing something wrong.

Why haven´t you won the lottery yet? Why hasn´t your perfect lover walked (literally) right up to your front door?

Why haven´t you cured that irritating illness that you haven´t been able to shake off for years?

First of all let me say that it is okay to release and to take action on your goals.

This reminds me of the joke about the man who had been praying to God for years for a windfall of millions of dollars. God finally responded to his call for an explanation. When God spoke this is what he said: "It would help if you bought a lottery ticket from time to time!"

The ultimate Grand Master Releaser may well be able to sit on his or her chair all day long and do nothing other than releasing... and allow in whatever he or she desires.

You are not there yet.

That ultimate releaser state might be a good long-term goal. How about taking the pressure off and getting started with small goals first?

If you were a learner driver would you apply to compete in a Formula One race? Of course not, you would learn how to drive first!

The first stage is to release, make it part of how you live, set goals and start releasing to completion.

For now, pay attention to your intuition as it will guide you to do certain things, go to certain places and to talk to certain people. The more you release the more you will know the best course of action. Your assessment of situations will improve because your thinking will not be clouded by emotion.

I get great results with releasing and it helps me to create lots of lucky coincidences. I also take a lot of action - I follow through and act on my intuition.

Could it get any better?