Thursday, January 06, 2011

About Step 4 of The Sedona Method

Step 4 of The 6 Steps is to make releasing constant. That is, instead of suppressing or expressing feelings choose to let them go instead, moment to moment, as the feelings arise. Pay attention to the feelings, go to wanting approval/control/security and let it go.

What happens when you make releasing constant?

You feel happier constantly and rest in Beingness more of the time than when you were suppressing or expressing feelings. Your sense of ego fades away and the world seems less real, less definite.

If you are learning and using the sedona method to get lasting peace, happiness and to achieve goals ultimately you may still want something even better i.e. freedom. Test it for yourself - make releasing constant, it becomes a moment to moment choice before it becomes a new habit.

You`ll feel happier, you`ll be more successful (even though that might no longer be a concern) and you`ll be living free of resistance and enjoying the ease that comes with that.

If you only release now and then that`s ok. Just bear in mind if you want to see the big promises offered by the sedona method show up in your life its step 4 that makes all the difference.