Saturday, July 04, 2009

All The Happiness You Can Handle

Want even more happiness? Here´s what to do...

1. Release on "I allow myself to be happy!"

Run this goal through one or all of these polarities until you are hootless.

- attachments and aversions
- advantages and disadvantages
- likes and dislikes

2. Release on what you need to have and avoid to be happy

- what do I need to be happy?
- what do I need to avoid to be happy?

Go to the level of wanting approval/control/security and keep releasing on the responses to these questions until you are hootless.

3. Drop any resistance to happiness

- what do I resist about being happy?
- what is my resistance to happiness?

Keep releasing until no more resistance comes up.

4. Provide the commitment

The single most important success factor with releasing is doing the work of releasing. Anyone can read and understand the sedona method book, listen to and understand the audio courses etc. Releasing is experiential it is not intellectual.

If you really want happiness - make a decision to release and keep going until you have the happiness you want. In my experience it takes hours and hours of focused releasing to get to hootless on a goal. Even over many days. This is time well spent.

Could it get any better?