Saturday, November 29, 2008

From AGFLAP to CAP to Hootless: Goals

Recently I have made changes to how I work on goals with releasing that speed up the process of going higher. Here are my top tips based on my recent experience.

1. Use a written goal chart

In the past I have tended to work on my goals without writing them down. However using a written goal chart allows you to track your progress from agflap to cap. This is encouraging and keeps you focused.

Plus, it roughly halves the time it used to take me to work through agflap because my concentration is so much more focused.

There is a goal chart with usage guidelines in the "Files And Downloads" section in the left hand margin of this site.

2. Aim to go to hootless

Releasing to get to CAP is a good start but that is all it is. If you aim higher and keep releasing to get to the hootless state you´ll see a big shift in your outlook. You´ll get a taste of imperturbability - you´ll be living step 1 of the 6 steps.

When you get to CAP you´ll think more clearly and may even have lucky coincidences or insights that move you closer to your goal. Go that extra step to hootless and you´ll have what you really want - imperturbability. Plus, the goal may just pop in with very little effort.

Take on the effort of releasing in your mind and you´ll have less efforting in the outside world.

3. Do the work

Releasing takes dedication and commitment if you want to see big results.

I have been working on one particular goal over the last week and I´ve not got to hootless yet despite five sessions of 45-60 minutes. I am much, much freer in terms of the goal but I´m not done yet.

Why do I persist?

Because I feel so much more peaceful and because the completed goal charts prove I have moved up through a lot of agflap to get to where I am right now in Acceptance. I can see I am getting somewhere, I am not imagining it!

Why not put these tips to use in your own releasing? And then report back to let me know how you got on.