Friday, July 25, 2008

Sedona Method Releasing: Love & Approval

Want more love and approval from people?

The most direct way to work on this is to give yourself love and approval all day long for no reason whatsoever.


Simply say " I love you!" to yourself for hours at a time. Whatever thoughts or feelings pop up simply continue by saying "I love you!".

Go one step further and do this in front of the mirror if you really want to go for it!

If you´ll do this for a while you´ll start to feel very loving and accepting of yourself, this will then expand to the people in your life and to the world generally.

You could also release on the goal:

I love and accept myself.

Run attachments and aversions, advantages and disadvantages or likes and dislikes until you only have loving feelings for yourself.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

3 Great Ways To Release Resistance

1. Bring up the feeling of resistance, really feel it and allow it to go. This involves no thought about the nature of the resistance. Keep going until you feel lighter and freer.

2. Ask: what is my resistance to the goal.

e.g. what is my resistance to being fit?

Then, let go of each aspect of the resistance that pops up.

3. My BUT... technique

State the goal and add BUT to bring up resistance.

e.g. I allow myself to be fit BUT....

This might bring up responses like --

BUT I´m too lazy
BUT I´m too busy
BUT I´ll start another time

This is a great way to bring up more resistance to having the goal. Then, release in the usual way.

In all work with resistance I keep going until I feel lighter and freer about the goal. I will refer to the AGFLAP chart to see that I am in CAP before expecting that most of the resistance is gone.