Thursday, April 13, 2006

sedona method and a perfect day

When I started to learn how to release with the sedona method I stopped using some conscious creation processes that had always served me well. This is one way to isolate a new approach to see how well it works before finding your own style.

Recently I have being releasing through allowingness while visualising the desired end result. I allow the feelings of havingness to be completely present and allow the feelings to do whatever they want. I surrender to having the goal and allow it into my reality.

The more real I picture and feel the havingness the more feelings of fear, resistance, and other attachments and aversions show up. I allow them all to be present and they tend to fade away.

If I get a stuck feeling I simply ask it:: do you want to go? That works really well.

Here is what I am doing now - I´m giving twenty minutes a day minimum to creating my day. I´m starting with small stuff like arriving at the bank when there is no queue, friendly smiles from people I pass in the street, being in the right place at the right time etc.

I believe the small stuff is actually very important because these small results stack up very quickly and reinforce your belief that conscious creation does work, that you do create your reality. Once that sinks in it is much easier to get the big stuff.

Want to start creating your own perfect day? See what happens when you picture it the way you want it to be AND you use the sedona method to release all the feelings that come up.

Let me know how you get on....

sedona method and the spiritual path

This post is very relevant for many people using the sedona method and release technique.

I notice that many people have some odd ideas when it comes to being on a "spiritual path". The desire to love others, to give to people and to drop the ego gets confused with letting others walk all over you.

You have every right to set your life up in any way you see fit. It is your experience after all and if this fits with other people that´s great. If some people don´t like it so be it. Be careful about letting your want of approval destroy your the quality of your relationships.

Let me give you an example. I have some good friends in
England who do not wear shoes in the house so if you visit you will be asked to remove your shoes at the front door.

Now, most visitors have no problem with that. Well, some people won´t take their shoes off. What would you do?

This is where the practical nature of releasing comes in. Release on wanting approval, control and security and be free to ask others to remove their shoes or to leave. If they have so little respect for you it is perfectly okay to show them the door.

Self help means taking care of yourself too!
For many people using the sedona method and release technique it is easy to forget this.

Let´s say someone steals from you. Is it okay to take legal action? Of course it is. Release first and when the cloud of emotion dissolves you will be clear about the best course of action - you might decide to ask nicely first and if that does not work move on to the next logical course of action.

The point I am making is that self help feel good and do good folk don´t always stand up for themselves out of a need for approval. The irony is once you do assert yourself, in a compassionate way, people pay much more attention to what you can share with them.

One more example, I was having lunch during the week with a friend who presents self help seminars that deliver magical results for people.

We were laughing about how people in the south of Spain are so laid back that have no concept of time. Now, this is great day to day but a real issue when you want to get course participants to turn up on time for an event.

No matter how he approaches it there are people who wander in well after the seminar begins. This disturbs his teaching and the small groups he works with.

What would you do? Would you work around this problem so as to not annoy the group? Would you try not to upset the late arriving student? What about the quality of life of the teacher?

Again, releasing is a practical tool for living your life. He could release and then make a clear headed choice on the best way to proceed. Having control is good

It is okay for him to have parameters. The same applies to you in your life. Be loving and giving and make sure wanting approval, control or security does not detract from your quality of life. Let go and have respect for your needs.

For people using the sedona method and release technique - check out this site for more tips: