Friday, March 24, 2006

sedona method and imagination

This article is very relevant to sedona method students so read on if you use the sedona method to achieve goals.

I met a very wise man last week. He lives twenty minutes drive from me, along the coast road.

He has written a number of books about consciousness and related topics and he has a deep understanding of what it is all about plus he can explain complex ideas in very simple terms.

He also understands subtle distinctions that many teachers either miss completely or just get wrong.

We were talking about creating what you want and he likes to refer to manifestation as "directed imagination".Now, I think that is very clever and a useful reminder of how we create our day to day results.

If you want things to change you need to hold in mind something different;if you want more of something you need to hold in mind more of it; and, if you hold in mind things as they are now that is what will continue to be the case.

It´s very easy to forget that we imagine what we want before we get it. When we feel stuck we often think we get what turns up and that we have no power to change things.

Right now, if you examine your dominant thoughts you may well find that your life is consistent with what you allow in. Your life is no better than you allow it to be with the sedona method.

In my view if you can handle success you can handle anything. And the fear of success is what holds us back from allowing in more happiness, success, love and peace.

When you begin to notice that this situation starts with a thought you are on the road to making things better - observe your fear of success and if you like, let it go.

When you think about it... if you congruently want something and yet take little effective action towards having it there must be an opposing force at work. We can call it fear.

Drop the fear and direct your imagination to what you want by holding in mind the goal and dropping the attachments and aversions to having it. Changes can then take place very quickly with the sedona method.

Directed imagination can be like magic once we drop the blocks to allowing in what we really want.