Saturday, January 14, 2006

Sedona Method and Financial Worries

In my opinion managing success is another skill we need to master. Becoming successful is attainable with the right tools and attitude - enjoying it and continuing to grow seem to be very difficult for most of us.

When you get more and more of what you want the possibility of loss and the fear and worry that goes with that can really take the shine off the success you worked to achieve.

Still, you are very fortunate in that you know how to release. You have already demonstrated this and now you are aware of the fear of loss feelings. This is all you need to move to the next step....

Firstly, pay attention to the fears and worries and remember they are just feelings and you can let go of any feeling. Drop them one by one as they pop up - this only takes a moment during the day.

You could also go to the underlying wanting a/c/s to shift things more quickly.

Secondly, set new goals for all aspects of your life. Keep aiming higher i.e. repeat the formula that got you to where you are now. Because you are not looking forward your mind is not focused - idle minds are fertile ground for fears and worries!

Thirdly, notice the source of your wealth. It is not a job; it is not your career; it is not the economy, it is not dollars. Your are cause the rest is effect. the source of your wealth as you have demonstrated is the ability to hold in mind what you want before letting it go to allow it in.

Consequently, even if you gave away every penny you have nothing could stop you from allowing in all the wealth you decide to have. The same applies to friendship, love, health, happiness and peace of mind.

The external world is effect not cause - once you get that concept you´ll be much more care free about money - the more real people believe money is the harder they work for it and the more effort and stress it takes to get some.

Prove this is true in a small way and then keep expanding....

Friday, January 06, 2006

Sedona Method and Work

Ever get bogged down by office politics and corporate pressures? Do you find all of these things affect your attitude?

Before you know it you end up thinking about all that you dislike about work.

You need to decide what you do want. Right now you are puttting energy into what you do not want. And we all know what happens when we do that! Yes, whatever we focus on expands.

I used to play the corporate game and it wasn´t my thing although I found ways to use it to get where I wanted to go. Treat it as a game and it is much easier to detach from the corporate seriousness.

Identify the things that irritate you and release on them until those things make you smile. See the absurdity in it all.

What I enjoyed most about the corporate experience was finding ways to excel with the least effort possible. Hint: use conscious creation to manifest success.

Then you quickly become a valuable resource which gives you a lot of freedom to behave as you wish. You get away with being an individual despite pressure to conform; you become the guy in the office who is always in a good mood; you become the one others want to hang with and help out.

Why? Because you have detached from the outcome and you achieve with ease.

Final tip - if possible use your lunch break to recharge. I used to meditate on my break so as to stay in the flow. Nowadays I would release. I did n´t know about releasing back then.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

sedona method and goal setting

Here is some good material for us all on how to set a goal and have it come true.

There are two files to read, a goal chart (choose pdf or word version) and simple instructions on using the goal chart. Download these files here:

Writing your goals down is a great way to get clear about what you really want and releasing on these goals is the best way I know of moving ahead and achieving more without the stress and anxiety that characterises traditonal approaches to goal setting and gettting.