Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sedona Method And Money

I wanted to talk about financial freedom which is a state of abundance without lacking money to live your life the way you want to. This also means having money without worrying about losing it or the sense of never having quite enough.

Using the sedona method to get what you want is a great way to move closer to freedom, because you drop limitations to get what you want, and having goals to do with making more money are useful because you can measure your progress or lack of it.

First of all let me say most of us have an abundant supply of limiting beliefs when it comes to having money. And these beliefs are nothing more than our self-imposed limitations.

One way to progress financially is to identify all your limiting beliefs and to change each one to an empowering one. I do not recommend this approach because you may never get to the bottom of the matter and you may not identify all of those limting beliefs since many are in your unconscious.

I regard releasing as a faster more effective way to expand your money consciousness as you can drop whole patterns when you let go of the limiting emotional dynamic that is holding you back.

I make more money now with greater ease than I have ever done because of both the releasing I have done and the actions I have taken in the world.

I now make enough money in one week to pay my outgoings for the month and I can sustain this income level with one hour of work per day. I love what I do and it makes a positive difference for other people. I am telling you this to demonstrate that what I say is based on experience of what works.

Before releasing I worked 50 + hours per week at something I hated and I had very little money or time left over at the end of the month. Living like this does not bring out the best in anyone and affects everyone you interact with.

To make more money you have to do one thing - stop making it so difficult for yourself! You need to let go of your resistance to having more and you need to take charge of your limiting emotional states.

Take a real world example...

Two people look at the same great opportunity and one turns it down while the other goes for it. Why? Assuming both people have the busines acumen to assess the opportunity - greed and fear stop you from making good decisions.

Your clouded perspective on money will stop you from having more by telling you: it can´t be that easy; I don´t deserve it; what if I lose money etc.

The more you release on money the less important money is to you emotionally. It no longer represents security in the way it used to i.e. you are less attached to it and less averse to losing it.

Only when you have no attachments and aversions to money are you free of the grip money has on most people. In this state of abundance you have a lot of power to create positive change in the world and to help others to create more abundance - staying poor or restricted financially helps nobody.

As Gandhi said: "be the change you want to see in the world!" If you feel bad about poverty, become wealthy so that you have the power to lead others to greater wealth. You can give away every penny you make if you want however do appreciate that until and unless you can make things happen in the world you have limited credibility when it comes to telling others how to have a more abundant life.

The ability to make money is really the ability to make things happen in the world - it is about mastering yourself and this paradigm. i.e deal with your fear, pride, lust etc.

Let go of non love feelings to express more love and you will have much more energy and creativity at your disposal to make things better and to achieve your goals.

And do make yourself happy as a priority. Once you decide to be happy no matter what, you give a wonderful gift to the world and you lead others to happiness. If having tons of money is something you´d like to do - go ahead.

Now, what to do?

As Larry suggests, release first on making one dollar and take it from there....