Friday, July 22, 2005

Sedona Method Goal Setting And Getting

Here is what I do when I use the sedon method for goal setting and goal getting...

1. Set a specific goal using the sedona method guidelines - stated in the positive, in the present etc. as a short statement.

Sometimes I will write out a very detailed goal - up to one page of A4 and then sum it up in one short goal statement.

2. Release on the goal to completion - this can take time, how long depends on how much AGFLAP there is to drop.

3. Check in regularly and preferably daily to see if you are still hootless.

If I´m not hootless I release to completion again. This is a key element of the process because until and unless you remain hootless you are not allowing in what you want.

4. Make the goal real in your mind - see, hear, feel, smell and taste it as already here now. Do that with strong emotions and you will easily bring up all the AGFLAP you need to let go of.

You will also be encourgaed to keep working on the goal because when you daily create a rich sensory experience of the goal as already attained your sense of certainty that it is going to happen will be much greater.

All of the above requires effort so don´t set goals you don´t really want!

Now, it´s time for you to use the sedona method for goal setting!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Sedona Method releasing tip of the day

When it comes to using the sedona method I see a lot of messages at the sedona method releasing club...

that cry out "but this situation is different so what should I do?"

Releasing is profound IF AND ONLY IF you choose to use it.

If you want to analyse a problem, situation or issue it´s up to you however that has nothing to do with releasing. If someone replies: let go of wanting to figure it out... get annoyed if you want to but that answer is what releasing is about.

At the sedona method releasing club forum we offer releasing advice based on what we believe works and we are not here to guess and then tell you what you want to hear.

And if you feel unable to take charge of a problem go and get professional help. This board is not an alternative for professional face to face help.

See you at the forum...

Friday, July 08, 2005

Sedona Method Overnight Success

I find the notion of the western culture "overnight success" stars very funny. How many times do you see and hear about yet another overnight success in dance, music, movies or business?

Some 24 year old woman becomes a multi-millionaire and we all tend to think "well that must mean I´m really thick!" Of course the truth is she worked from the age of 12 for self- made parents with exceptional business skills and empowering belief systems.

So, she had a decade of intense high level business training, key contacts and access to finance before most kids had finished school.

The same applies with music - that world class drummer was born to two gifted hard working professional musicians. At the age of 4 as a boy he was beating the drums at 8am each morning before wandering off to school.

And releasing is the same story. Some people may have an advantage in having a background that showed them how to release. Most of those people won´t need the sedona method as they already let go. For the rest of use this is our opportunity to become the next overnight success!

And bear in mind...

Either you understand releasing or you do releasing. And understanding it means nothing unless you actually let feelings go.

I´m still learning how to release and it gets more profound the more I "work" at it. Sorry for using a four letter word!

Finally, let me say whether you stick at releasing until you get it is up to you - nobody else can do it for you. We can offer support here but it still is a question of your own commitment and persistence.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Sedona Method Cause And Effect

All that we see, hear and feel around us in the outside world are the results of our thinking on the inside. A great way to spot this is to consider: how did you cause this to happen?

Do this with a sense of complete responsibility for your world and you´ll have some interesting insights.

And notice how breakthroughs happen - you may get to a point of giving up and for some odd reason things come together for you i.e. a haphazard way of letting go.

So, your mind and emotions shifted first then your circumstances changed.

Finally, the division between out inside world and outside world is part of the illusion. Play with that idea and see what you let go....

Could it get any better?