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Sedona Method Success - what does it take?

I wanted to comment on a theme that pops up from time to time.

It goes like this... "I have been releasing for 6 months and nothing much is happening!"

Here are some pointers to help you move ahead...

1. Your success with the Sedona Method depends on your correct application of the method.

Doing it the wrong way for a long time will not yield results.

Even if you think you have been releasing for two years - if you haven´t been actually releasing you have no experience of releasing. You are still at day one.

When you are new to releasing I highly recommend that you follow the instructions to the letter and only later on, after you have evidence it is working, customise it to your own way of doing things.

Let me give you an example. I play tennis and have done so since I was a boy. Like most tennis players my backhand is weaker than my forehand.

Why is my backhand weaker? I have hit as many balls on that side as on my forehand side over the years.

Because I have been repeating the same ineffective stroke year after year.

Am I going to do anything about it? I´m not, because it`s not that important to me.

In terms of releasing you need a good enough reason to change what you are doing - if your life depended on it I´ll bet you would be releasing like a master before the day is out.

2. Vague notions about what success with the Sedona Method means will get you frustrated

What do you regard as success? Total bliss, fantastic relationships and amazing health?

These are very vague and intangible ideals. You have to get highly specific about what you want. This is the only way to know if you are making progress or not.

Measure where you are today and track your progress or lack of it. If you are clearly making progress then keep doing what is working.

If things are not getting better stop doing what is not working and get help.

3. Releasing with the Sedona Method is simple

Does this mean that all you is ask could you, would you?


It is not really about asking and answering questions - it is all about feelings not thoughts.

There are several different ways to release, all of which are covered in the course.

If one approach does not work for you then use one of the other approaches.

I have much more success when I do not use could you, would you.

A common mistake is the attempt to complicate the simplicity by adding steps or by leaving steps out. If you end up with your own variation and it does not work don´t blame anyone else for its ineffectiveness.

Releasing is a very different way of operating in the world - if it seems difficult to you right now its because you are still learning how to do it. It really is simple once you get past the learner driver stage!

4. Big results happen with the Sedona Method when you let go of it all

If you want a big demonstration of what releasing can do you have to earn it by releasing to completion on your goal.

Pick a highly specific goal and release until you have no resistance, no fear and no attachments or aversions to the goal.

This is easy and quick for small goals that are within your sense of possibility.

If the goal is way outside your sense of what is possible for YOU now in this very moment then you have a lot of releasing to do. And two hours releasing is unlikely to be enough.

For example, let ´s say you have never sung in public in your life and you want to sing your No.1 hit song on national TV.

Is it possible? Yes!

Is it possible for you today? The answer needs to be a congruent Yes expressed from a hootless state. Only then have you let go.

5. Your starting point with the Sedona Method is a factor in your success

Why doesn´t everyone get fast results? Well, maybe releasing isn´t for everyone. Give it 100% and decide for yourself.

At the end of the day, if you already had an ability to let go before you discovered releasing you will see results sooner rather than later.

For me it was a new experience feeling my feelings as I had done a great job of suppressing them for years. I had to learn to feel them BEFORE I could let them go so it took me longer than some to get it.

6. Miracles may take time

When you read Sedona Method or Release Technique success stories it is easy to feel like you are doing something wrong.

Why haven´t you won the lottery yet? Why hasn´t your perfect lover walked (literally) right up to your front door?

Why haven´t you cured that irritating illness that you haven´t been able to shake off for years?

First of all let me say that it is okay to release and to take action on your goals.

This reminds me of the joke about the man who had been praying to God for years for a windfall of millions of dollars. God finally responded to his call for an explanation. When God spoke this is what he said: "It would help if you bought a lottery ticket from time to time!"

The ultimate Grand Master Releaser may well be able to sit on his or her chair all day long and do nothing other than releasing... and allow in whatever he or she desires.

You are not there yet.

That ultimate releaser state might be a good long-term goal. How about taking the pressure off and getting started with small goals first?

If you were a learner driver would you apply to compete in a Formula One race? Of course not, you would learn how to drive first!

The first stage is to release, make it part of how you live, set goals and start releasing to completion.

For now, pay attention to your intuition as it will guide you to do certain things, go to certain places and to talk to certain people. The more you release the more you will know the best course of action. Your assessment of situations will improve because your thinking will not be clouded by emotion.

I get great results with releasing and it helps me to create lots of lucky coincidences. I also take a lot of action - I follow through and act on my intuition.

What can you do now?

1. If you already have the Sedona Method or Release Technique course - review the material to make sure you are following the instructions. Have you misunderstood something? Have you forgotten something?

2. If you do not have one of the two releasing courses you can find out more now at...

My Release Technique review:

Sedona Method Introductory CD:

You do not need both courses - choose the one that appeals to you most.

What If - You Could Let Go Of All Limitations

This page is for you if you are surfing to find out more about me and why I decided to learn about emotional releasing and The Sedona Method. I will do my best to answer the following questions for you:

1 What is The Sedona Method?

2 Does it really work?

3 Who developed the Sedona Method and why?

4 How does it work?

5 Is it worth your time learning The Sedona Method?

Before I answer these questions I think it is important to tell you a little about my background and why I set up this site to share Sedona Method tips and insights.

From an early age I found it fascinating that you could develop your mind and learn how to make your life better. The first course I ever took was The Silva Method, which was excellent and it got me off to a great start with personal development.

From there I continued to read anything good that I could get my hands on and I quickly realized that there are only so many principles to learn - after that you need to apply these principles daily in your life. So I did.

Life got better especially after I trained in NLP, that really boosted my confidence in what was possible and I got better and better at getting what I wanted in my life.

I started to earn a lot more money than ever before and I also started to find lots of new friends on the same wavelength which was great fun.

The next big jump in my happiness and success came after I became a Reiki healer. Reiki is very powerful and it gives you a heightened sensitivity to life and to the vibes that people give off.

When I was in a business meeting I could almost feel how the other people felt about the business of the day. And when I would meet someone for the first time, in those first few seconds I could feel their pain, their humanity and what they were really like as a person. What they said later in words would only confirm these strong intuitive impressions.

At this point you might be thinking - why am I telling you all this? Im telling you so that you know what my background is and so that you understand what experiences I already had when I first heard about The Sedona Method. Later on this will make more sense when you read about my first impressions of The Sedona Method.

Back to our story!

O.K. At this stage I was becoming more and more successful in my career and in my personal life. I was making a lot more money than ever before with a lot less effort and in my free time I had plenty of great friends that I enjoyed spending time with.

One morning I was driving to work in heavy traffic as usual. The office was only 15 miles from where I lived and I needed to allow 50 minutes to make sure I got to the office on time. Only this day was different - I was driving to work in a brand new Mercedes. Great eh?

The fact is I wasnt really enjoying myself. I was stressed out at work, I was really tired of endless traffic jams and the truth was that despite all the money I really didnt want to do this job anymore.

Unless I was happy at work all the other stuff meant very little to me. I decided it was time to work for myself so I stashed away some more money and left two months later. I have been self-employed ever since.

Why did I learn The Sedona Method?

A few months down the road I was still stressed much to my amazement and disappointment! I used all the tools I already knew and I felt a little better but still this new lifestyle without a salary coming in was very hard to adjust to.

I opened the mail one morning and read a mailing about The Sedona Method. It sounded like exactly what I was looking for even though I didnt understand what it was or how it worked.

A few hours later I was walking out of the house to go for a walk when I went back in to order the Sedona Method tapes. That intuition that I talked about earlier was screaming - get this now!

My first impressions were very positive. The system was very easy to learn and it felt great. I started to feel more in control of my life and happier and more at peace than I had in a long time. I had a feeling conviction that everything would work out just fine, and it did.

I have now been using The Sedona Method for over 3 years and it seems to get better the more you use it. One caveat. You must use it each day. If you use it once and then expect your life to be better youll be setting yourself up for disappointment. It is designed to be part of how you live and to be used daily.

Now that you know what got me to the point of buying the Sedona Method, let us take a look at each of the questions above.

1 What is The Sedona Method?

It is a way to let go of limiting feelings that hold us back in life. i.e. you release emotional states that are holding you back.

Many spiritual teachers talk about the importance of knowing what you want and then letting go of the desire. The problem is they dont always tell you HOW to let go! And until you do let go, making progress can be difficult, stressful and painfully slow. It can be like driving with the handbrake on.

Feelings like frustration, hate, envy, greed, fear and anger are part of day to day life for so many of us and they leave you tired and worn out by the end of the day.

Instead, if you know how, you could just let go of these feelings and enjoy feeling at peace and happy. The Sedona Method shows you a simple practical way to do this.

2 Does it really work?

I set up a site - the Sedona Method releasing Club way back on October 31st 1999 because of how impressed I am with The Sedona Method. If you look back over the several pages of postings at this discussion board you will read many, many accounts of how releasing works for me...and you will also read of how other people have successfully used it in their lives.

You can then read these postings for yourself.

From my experience it does work if you work it! However nothing will happen if buy the best tools available and leave them in storage.

3 Who developed the Sedona Method and why?

Lester Levenson developed the Sedona Method. In 1952 at the age of 42 Lester suffered a massive heart attack and was so weak after he recovered that his doctor warned him that even the slightest effort could kill him. He was ordered to go home to his penthouse in New York and to rest.

Feeling deflated and very afraid of dying, Lester had a lot of time to sit and think about his life and to reflect on his success in life. He quickly realized that he had been a failure. Although he had made a lot of money and done well in business he had never really been happy. What had been the point in working so hard if he had destroyed his health in the process and if he was still unhappy?

He reasoned that if he could figure out how to be happy he might find the reasons why his health had been so poor. So he spent three months sitting alone in his penthouse endlessly analyzing what worked and what didnt work in the pursuit of happiness.

Over this short time he completely regained his health and his discoveries are now taught as The Sedona Method. Lester discovered how to have happiness without sorrow by letting go of the self imposed limiting feelings that hold you back from living your life the way you want it to be.

4 How does it work?

The Sedona Method works by teaching you how to let go of the limiting feelings that are stopping you from being, doing or having what you want. This is done by asking a series of questions that allow you to drop the blocks to moving ahead. The questions are simple and are only meaningful once you know how to use them to access those feelings that are holding you back.

Its like learning any new skill; it all seems very obvious afterwards and almost too easy.

5 Is it worth your time learning The Sedona Method?

Only you can answer this question.

At the beginning of this page I told you about my background so that you will understand why I feel so strongly about the Sedona Method despite already having many valuable tools at my disposal.

For me the Sedona Method is the missing link. There are many ways to get motivated, loads of courses that show you how to set and go after goals but no other course that shows you how to easily get out of your own way and get ahead while having more happiness.

Feel free to email me to ask me any questions you have or to join the discussion board to post your questions to the community. Send email to Peter 1510

Decide for yourself and click below for a free tape and a complimentary email guide because you will also get a bundle of other goodies that will give you a taster of The Sedona Method.

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Letting go of wanting your own approval

It is easy to see how important it is to be approved by those
people who matter most to you in your life. Family and friends
are the ones you turn to first in a time of crisis. You count on
them for support and encouragement and their approval of who you
are and what you do is deeply significant.

Ever had a time in your life when those closest to you
disapproved of your behavior? It is very uncomfortable is it not?
In a moment, peace of mind can vanish in a puff of smoke and you
crave approval more than anything else. This time in the
wilderness seems to last forever and when it is finally over the
newly earned approval of your peers feels just great.

This wanting approval can get out of control though. We can
easily extend this need for approval to all people we come into
contact with in our life. When we want and need approval
we encounter this lack of approval everywhere we go; the waiter
does not smile when he takes your order; the checkout operator
hardly looks at you; and your boss only compliments your work when
the moon is full and the first Tuesday of the month precedes a wet

All of a sudden life is a struggle, a constant battle to get other
people, all people, to like you and to approve of you. And the more
you want this approval the less you seem to get it.

What is the solution? The answer is to not be concerned about what
other people think of you. This can be achieved by approving of
yourself completely despite your past indiscretions, failings and
errors of judgment. When you totally accept and approve of
yourself you will have little interest in how other people view
you. If they like you *Great*, if they do not, that is their
choice and their loss.

There are many ways to boost your opinion of yourself. I have
discovered that just letting go of wanting your own approval works
really well. Simply ask yourself the following question:

Could I let go of wanting my own approval?

Sounds too simple to work. I know! It works if and only if you
ask the question with your attention on your feeling response not
on the answer that pops into your head. Our goal is to let go of
the limiting feelings, this is not a mental exercise.

Spend twenty minutes concentrating on this question. Ask the
question again and again, and each time just notice your feeling
response before asking the question again. After twenty minutes
you can expect to feel lighter and more at peace with yourself.
Your breathing may also change and it is likely to become deeper
and more relaxed.

The effect of letting go of wanting your approval is that you
release the limitations that stop you from approving of yourself
and you are left with what you wanted - your own approval.

You can also ask yourself the question, could I let go of wanting
my own approval?... anytime you need to communicate at your best
to make a good impression. Just say it softly to yourself under
your breath or quietly inside your head. Ask the question, notice
your feeling response, and repeat the process again and again.

By approving completely of yourself you will not be concerned
with winning the approval of your listeners and ironically
people will tend to reflect this approval back to you since they
will take you at your own value.

Now, go and prove this for yourself!

Could it get any better?


Barriers to Releasing And A Flexible Solution

Today I want to discuss one barrier to releasing - being too mechanical in how you apply the Method.

Let´s take an example. When releasing on wanting security, if you are a good student of the Method, you will know that all you need to do is ask yourself one question:

Could you let go of wanting security?

However what if you get bored with this question or you just feel stuck? What is the answer to this barrier? I recommend taking a flexible approach. Ask yourself variations on the wanting security question until you find one that clicks for you. Here are some suggestions:

- Could you let go of wanting security?

- Could I let go of wanting security?

- Could you let go of wanting insecurity?

- Could I let go of wanting insecurity?

In this example I only looked at dealing with wanting security from the "could you let it go?" angle. You could also use this approach when allowing the feeling to be present or when you dive into the heart of the feeling.

Again, ask youself variations of the question until you find what works best for you.

Could it get any better?


Reality Shifting

Hello and welcome to a new week -- your best releasing week yet!

Did you get what you wanted last week? Some of it? Same here. And when you think about the difference between what you got and what you didn´t get - did you notice that your mind stopped you from having it all?

Limiting beliefs and feelings prevented you from having everything you asked for.

Maybe you felt that you didn´t quite deserve the really good stuff and perhaps part of you didn´t believe you would be able to pull it off and somehow manifest some of those BIG goals.

I had the same experience. So what did we learn from all of this?

1 Set big goals but don´t concern yourself with how you make it happen or else you will not even try. The solution isn´t obvious now. If it was you´d already be on the way to achieving your goal. The more you release the clearer the way ahead will be.

2 Set a highly specific goal and release on it until you feel complete i.e.until the sense of wanting is gone. Do this over time as and when the feelings of wanting return.

3 Release to release and not to get. Releasing to get just causes you to be stuck in the desire and satisfaction loop. Release to release and see what happens.

Any tips you´d like to share?-- go on get typing

Could it get any better?


Taking Your releasing Even Deeper

Do you want your releasing to be more effective? How about easier when you work on tricky issues?

I make a point of entering a state of deep relaxation before I release whenever I want to spend some focused time on an issue or a goal.

This makes relasing:

a lot easier
considerably faster
more effective

Use whatever approach you enjoy to get relaxed whether that be yoga, meditation or listening to relaxing music. Then release.

You don´t need to spend lots of money to relax.
- Listen to Mozart
- Learn to meditate at an inexpensive class
- Listen to a low cost relaxation tape
- do something you enjoy that calms you

Relax....and then release to go higher

Could it get any better?

Wanting To Be Disappointed

I was doing some thinking the other day about goals and getting what you want. And the thought crossed my mind that maybe as we get older we get more cautious in our goal setting. When in fact we could be setting bigger goals since we have more knowledge and experience of how to get results.

Why do we set our sights lower? Because we have more experience of not getting what we want! The last thing we want is to go through all the emotional and mental effort of giving 100% only to fall short.

I´m not talking about fear of failure here. I´m talking about not wanting to be disappointed again -- fear of disappointment.

Anyway I spent an hour releasing on not wanting to be disappointed on Sunday and I feel lighter and more at peace ever since.

Play with your disappointments and see how good it feels?

Could you let go of wanting to be disappointed?

Could it get any better?

Sedona Method Questions And Answers

Here are my responses to some questions that pop up again and again.

How do you welcome the feeling and allow it to be present?Ask yourself ---

Could you just allow yourself to feel the feeling?
Could you allow it to be completely present?

How do you release on a fear of loss in the future? Ask yourself --

Could you let go of wanting that to happen?

Would you...


You´ll notice the above directions are straight out of the Sedona Method basic course. There is no great mystery with releasing. The directions are simple.Ask the querstuions and pay attenttion to your feeling response not your mental response.

To release on a goal, resistance etc. just follow the steps Lester Levenson discovered.

The greatest error any of us can make is to attempt to complicate releasing to satisfy the ego.

Finally in terms of using releasing during an activity. I use releasing while playing tennis. I do this by paying attention to how I´m feeling.

Usually I ´m preoccupied with winning, not losing and playing at my best. So as these feelings surface I will simply allow them to be present and let them go. As a result I feel more in the flow, play better and enjoy the game more.

To sum up there is only one secret to getting the most out of the Sedona Method:

--- Use It As Given!

Later on after you have mastered the basics you can put your own variation on it if you choose even though this is not necessary.

Could it get any better?

Lady Twilight dives deeper into approval

She stood by the side of the pool and stared into the deep blue
water below. The sun sparkled back at her as she dived into the
water. At first it felt cold then cool and then refreshing and
revitalising. She resurfaced for air, and laughed and giggled
with the sheer delight of playing in the water.

Her friends got ready to join her while Lady Twilight took a deep
breath and dived under. Deeper and deeper she went until she
could touch the bottom. She paused at the pool floor and felt her
body easing upwards until she let go and slowly made her way back
to the surface.

It had been a perfect day thought Lady Twilight to herself as she
lay down to sleep later that evening. As her mind wandered she
looked ahead to tomorrow. She took a deep breath and wished she
could spend the day at the pool playing with her friends.

She started to dream and this is what she dreamed of.

The pool was even brighter and bigger than normal and an unusual
light blue colour as she dived in and swam to the bottom. She
touched the tiles on the floor as usual only this time a doorway
opened and she swam through into a chamber.

In this chamber there was a small lake from which she surfaced
into a candlelit cave. At that moment she felt a hand on her
left shoulder. She turned to look into the kind eyes of Kuma the
wise one. Without saying a word he passed on his ancient wisdom
until Lady Twilight felt sleepy enough to close her eyes.

She reopened her eyes to find Kuma was nowhere to be seen.
Feeling happy and warm inside she stepped into the lake and swam
into its depths chasing the blue light in front of her. Before
long she was sliding through the opening back into the swimming

Feeling lighter and lighter she gently made her way higher and
higher to the surface. Her face broke through the water into the
air and everything seemed different in the world.

Lady Twilight awoke and she reviewed what Kuma had taught her.
Here is what he said:

We all want the same things at a deep level. We all want to be
loved and appreciated by the important people in our lives but
sometimes this desire for approval gets out of control and we
start to crave this approval. We may even start to need this
acceptance from complete strangers.

There is a better way. If you can take charge of your feelings
you can let go of wanting approval. Very few people know that
when you dive into the core of your feelings you can let them go
and free yourself from their bondage.

In the same way that you dive into a pool you can dive into that
feeling of wanting approval.

Take a moment to recall a recent situation when you wanted the
approval of someone. Now allow yourself to feel that feeling
again, and imagine that you are diving into the feeling itself.

Notice how this feels. And allow the feeling to expand and extend
throughout your body until it washes right over you. At this
point ask yourself: could you let go of wanting approval?

You will then feel the release, a sense of feeling lighter and
free, more at peace and more relaxed.

And now over to you:

Dive deeper and deeper into your feelings before you let them go
and you will be amazed at the peace and serenity you will find at
the core of your being.

Like many good things the more you play with this process the
easier and better it becomes. And as you let go of wanting
approval you will find yourself expressing your true personality,
and so your communication with others will start to flow more

Is it time you went swimming with Kuma?

How To Fail With The Sedona Method

1 Release thoughts in you head and not the limiting feelings you experience

2 Only release when an emergency occurs (when you are stressed out)

3 Don´t set goals and don´t release on them

4 Go looking for a new and better solution to your problems

5 Release with an obsession to get your goal and hold that need in mind as you release

6 Never review the Sedona Method material - assume you are using it correctly

7 Neglect to pat yourself on the back for the little successes you achieve - instead focus on what is still wrong with your life

8 Don´t spend time online or offline with like minded people to share, grow and learn together

9 Try releasing once on a huge goal and give up when you don´t get instant results

10 Expect to learn releasing without putting the theory into practice