Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Amazing Secret To Releasing Success

Let me tell you a personal story to explain the how and why of releasing success.

Last night I was socialising with friends. And my ex partner. We often meet as friends which is a complex emotional situation. More so for me than for her!

Without going into the gory details I caught here lying and deceiving my friends and I i.e. basically saying she was going home, and then driving home before going out again with a guy she bumped into with us, once we had disappeared.

That´s the short version of the story. The point is, I felt angry and let down. Has she been lying to my face for the last five years? Does she have so little respect for me that she invites me to go out and then dumps me as soon as she finds an alternative?


I go home and phone one of my best friends. He says all the right stuff to me and reaffirms my belief in how great I am!

Beforehand, I text her a message of annoyance on my mobile phone. Mature eh?!

Then I spent a sleepless night releasing and drinking water. By the time the sun rose I no longer felt angry. I felt lighter, more at peace and accepting of what did happen instead of resisting it (I can´t believe she did that!)

I got up and walked down the street to go to the grocery shop and I was surprised at how good I felt. I smiled at myself - secretly amazed at how good I could feel after the painful events of last night.

I just spent the last two hours releasing on my ex partner - clean up process. I feel light, happy and in charge of what happens - not a victim of circumstances. I feel love for her even though I do not love her behaviour.

Without releasing I would probably have spent the next two weeks in emotional agony and another two weeks feeling numb and weak.

The big secret - release, release and then release some more. I have asked several Sedona Method trainers the secret to success with releasing. they all gave me the very same answer - release, release, release.

Use this amazing technology of the soul to make your life wonderful. Start right here, right now.

Could it get any better?