Monday, September 06, 2004

Resisting and Getting

just wanted to take a moment to share some learnings and recent experiences.

On Sunday I felt like things were not working out very well in my business, I had launched a promotional campaign last week and had not got anywhere near the results I expected and hoped for.

I spent quite a lot of time analysing what was working and not working. I wondered why my results were not better. Then I got nowhere trying to figure out what to do next.

So, I put on my Light & Sound machine and spent two 35 minute sessions in a state of deep relaxation releasing on my resistance to having things work out well. I certainly felt a lot beter after doing this - less stressed and worried and a lot more optimistic that somehow things would work out. I didn´t feel completely at peace but a lot better.

Still, I didn´t have any new solutions pop into my head as I sometimes do after releasing.

Then Sunday I found some material online that answers a lot of the issues I need a strategy for. Finally yesterday I stumbled onto exactly what I need right now to get the results I want!

Moral of this story - thinking and reasoning will only get you so far, releasing is the missing link that lets you tap into the collective unconscious and its storehouse of knowledge.

Could it get any better?