Sunday, August 29, 2004

Reality Shifting

Hello and welcome to a new week -- your best releasing week yet!

Did you get what you wanted last week? Some of it? Same here. And when you think about the difference between what you got and what you didn´t get - did you notice that your mind stopped you from having it all?

Limiting beliefs and feelings prevented you from having everything you asked for.

Maybe you felt that you didn´t quite deserve the really good stuff and perhaps part of you didn´t believe you would be able to pull it off and somehow manifest some of those BIG goals.

I had the same experience. So what did we learn from all of this?

1 Set big goals but don´t concern yourself with how you make it happen or else you will not even try. The solution isn´t obvious now. If it was you´d already be on the way to achieving your goal. The more you release the clearer the way ahead will be.

2 Set a highly specific goal and release on it until you feel complete i.e.until the sense of wanting is gone. Do this over time as and when the feelings of wanting return.

3 Release to release and not to get. Releasing to get just causes you to be stuck in the desire and satisfaction loop. Release to release and see what happens.

Any tips you´d like to share?-- go on get typing

Could it get any better?